Economy in the Decoration: Versatile Furniture – Boxes of Fair

The house is smaller, although we stay more and more and have more activities inside it. In addition, the smaller, the more we have to “turn around” when changes occur in life-another child, for example-or events, such as a whole family reunion. How can our decorating choices help us solve these challenges economically?

A great idea is to choose OR CREATE versatile furniture! I’ve talked about this a while ago and now we’ll see more examples and talk more about them. The first mobile is neither mobile, it’s the Crate of Fair (or similar), but see what you can do with it!

A short time ago they came with force in the decoration and are a find! They can be used in many ways, many with almost no or very simple interventions that create great and versatile furniture. And the best: You can take from one environment to another, change color, change function…

Stacking to create a divider/bookshelf in the room (you can go to another room anytime)

With casters (or without) can be used as cachepot; With a glass, as a table of support

When the baby is born, stacked crates turn table and with wheels are toy boxes (very careful with the treatment of crates and pallets , especially for children’s room)

And the crates that were in the room creating the partition can be colored shelves or niches in the room of the most grown child.

They can also go to the bedroom and act as bedside tables

In the Laundry they can help organize clothes and cleaning products

They can also make a good fruit bowl in the kitchen and even a vertical garden in the yard or porch!

Outside the possibility of becoming a puff type, one of the most versatile furniture on the planet

And when you find that there is nothing else to do with it, how about using the wood to create a little corner for the dog or cat?

Here at, the versatile furniture is like this: With creativity you change the function according to your need (or the will to change without spending much or nothing). Nothing better for small houses or apartments!