DSLR Quality: Apple’s Iphone 6S To Know Largest Camera Leap Of All Time

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber is known for its safe predictions with regard to Apple rumors. A credible source that Apple should take in the following generation of iPhone the biggest camera plunge since the beginning of the development of the iDevices.

So far is the company from Cupertino in the 6 iPhone and iPhone 6 plus models on an 8 MP back camera. Competing products have been there more. So far, Apple put not the focus but a high megapixel count, but rather a coherent overall package. The photo-and video results can be quite. For the iPhone 6s Apple but could set a shovel.

Next Generation Iphone With Dual Camera System

In the context of a current Podcastes, John Gruber revealed that the camera on the new iPhone models should have two lenses. Also, the device then were to make DSLR quality images capable of. Apple would catch up with a new camera system to rivals such as HTC. The HTC M8 has also already over two camera lenses. Whether the new iPhone models can shoot photos in DSLR quality, will need to show only. However some users according to a leap of camera is already overdue. With the new IMX230 Exmor RS Sensor, the Sony has recently unveiled, Apple could go anyway, well. The top model suggests a maximum resolution 21 MP and one significantly faster auto-focus. Auto-focus put to last until the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus and made this threesome. Furthermore, the iPhone uses pavers at the iPhone 6 plus on an optical image stabilizer, according to PERcomputer.com.