DR Chromecast Promise Support before the Summer Break

DR is before the summer break ready with support by Chromecast in DR TV for both iOS, Android and Google Chrome browser.

If you see some of the Dr’s many programs, but at the same time, Riles you over that you officially can’t stream it from your smartphone, tablet or computer over on the large tv screen, there’s good news ahead.

DR informs on his website, that before the summer recess this year will get support for Google’s Chromecast-streamingteknologien for Android and iOS devices and computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) with the Google Chrome browser, which has the extension installed.

With it you will be able to enjoy the great catalog from DR TV with a simple press of the ordinary Chromecast-icon in the already existing app for iOS and Android and not least Dr’s website.

DR is thus among the last row of the Danish streamtjenester, that supports either Chromecast or AirPlay technology for television at home in the living room. There is, among other things, TV2 Play, ViaPlay, Netflix and HBO Nordic, who added one of those or both technologies in its apps.

Mobilsiden.dk keeps in the course of the next time a watchful eye with Dr’s launch by Chromecast-support for DR TV.