Dirndl Without Blouse: Megatrend!

Wear Dirndl without blouse? The Dirndl Knigge Said for a long time: NO GO! However, the promotions of the InStyle and Vogue have always photographed the well-known A to Z celebrities with a dirndl without a blouse. Whether they have forgotten their dirndl blouse now accidentally or accidentally, we do not care. We wonder whether you can wear the trend Dirndl without a blouse even off the beetle – without the grandmother turning around in the grave? We make the Dirndl without a blouse test!

A Dirndl without a blouse – much too frivolous?

Despite the fashion of wearing Dirndl without a blouse, it is no longer perfect in vogue in 2016: the trend is going to be a high point for the Dirndl.Who now thinks such a garment is old-fashioned-conservative, is wrong.Julia Trentini does it with Annalena , Hammerschmid with Mertsee .If you want to wear such a traditional dirndl with a cool twist, the trend “Dirndl without blouse” is perfect.If you wear such a costume dress in your hands, you can put on a Dirndl without blouse without any reservations.And Grandma would like this too: the Dirndl Dekolleté does not tumble you already at 100 meters away, but is in spite of not present Dirndlbluse stylishly covered.The prejudice, Dirndl without blouses are much too provocative, frivolous and sexy, we can vehemently reflect.

36 ° and it gets even hotter

In the summer one is glad about every discarded garment.In the case of unbearable heat is the trend Dirndl without blouse of the rescue anchor in 36 ° hot need.Dirndl in the summer does not go – there is no more.Mini Dirndl Karina by MarJo is the best example: While the bodice, lacing and dirndl apron takes up the traditional dirndl elements, the dirndl neckholder dress reminds you of a sweet summer gap.The Dirndl strapless is almost predestined to wear a Dirndl without a blouse.And who would wear a summer dress with a blouse?No one, of course.Much better companions for the costume dress are a costume chain or a floral garland to the dirndl.Especially with the Blumenkranz as an it-piece of the costume season, you can prove your style.So much is certain, the dirndl without a blouse is no longer only admission ticket to the Käferzelt, but also membership card to the trendy Wiesn Madln.

Alternative to Dirndl without blouse: Dirndl blouse without arm

If you do not want to miss out on the complete look Dirndl, Dirndlbluse and apron in your Wiesn look, there is a stylish alternative to the Trend Dirndl without blouse.You can easily transform your traditional costume dress into a party dress with something special.Just slip into a Dirndl blouse without sleeves like Dirndbluse Madlen von Bergweiss .With her, you can bust a dirndl blouse under his costume dress, which makes the neck look wonderfully traditional.While the tip of the dirndl blouse is prominent at the neckline, the arms are mischievous and uninspired.This variant is almost the light version of the Hypes Dirndl without blouse.

Buy Dirndl without blouse

After our style check, Dirndl without blouse goes for us more than d’accord. The trend is certainly not made for every Dirndl and for every taste. Our suggestions as you can wear the Dirndl without a Dirndlbluse are more than handsome. In the Ludwig & Therese online shop you can buy your Dirndl without blouse from home. Here you can find beside the dirndl shoulderless many beautiful Dirndl without blouse cheap.

Never say Never! So throw the negative image in your head overboard and put yourself in a dirndl without a blouse!

With our tips, we have made you Dirndl without blouse wear made easy. You can find more dirndl trends at EZhoushan.net.