Dior Homme Loose Ties to Its Collection Spring-Summer

Time not accompanied at all, after a good jam and a brief, but intense, walk in the rain got completely draught to the Dior Spain showroom in Madrid with, let’s be honest, few wanted to see your collection Dior Homme spring-summer 2013. Before taking mental note: discard this promotional umbrella, is small… folded and unfolded!. First time in these conflicts and justito interest in the fashion world my sensation was of being more lost to that framework in the mother’s day.

On one side of the showroom exhibits part of the collection autumn/winter 2012, “Sheepskin” bottlenecks of some jackets called my attention. Look at where is the new collection and I see a few dark blue sweater with red stripes, I can’t suffer a time type “the Groundhog Day”, I knew that fashion, as everything moves in cycles, but it wasn’t prepared for the bittersweet feeling of being back in the eighties.

Karen Azzinnari, Director of communication for Dior Spain, takes care of me back to Earth. Passionately explains the details of some inspired garments, very, very seaworthy with clear echoes of military uniformity, which can be found at Vintagenowtrending. The Blazer It acts as gateway to the rest of the collection. In Navy Blue and with a Court reviewed that it provides continuity with the collection of the previous season. Karen stops to show a “slightly notched” trench (frunzo frown) but “not as a female garment” (me relax) that I find very elegant, my favorite in the morning no doubt.

New materials they are escorted by the characteristic buttons of the French Maison. Other proposals, more unexpected, take the form of clothes as the, I think that also resurrected, jackets bomber or sport suits in practically transparent tissue that acts as showcase a good make of the artisans of the House.

The footwear It has its time and its own course, Dior proposal goes from the Sandals to the leather boots Rojas (again the marmot…). Moccasins and more formal boots not much call my attention.

Between sailors and overseas in different tones according to the fabric or leather found that Dior Homme uses a vivid tone Red as a nexus of union between the collection. Since the seams, decorative or real, of the garments to the shoes (see gallery below) passing through the increasingly more players travel bags. I was particularly attracted to a model of bag in black leather that rivals on my “wishlist” of the collection of Ferrari recently launched.

An interesting experience of the visit to the showroom of Dior from the Collection Dior Homme spring-summer 2013, the truth put me teeth long than I expected, have perhaps managed to awaken to that small “fashion victim” that there is within me.

Thanks Eliana Sastre agency Replica for your sympathy and effective work of host.