Dining Table Decor-Family Le Vin

Is there anything hotter than meet loved ones and be able to receive them in our House?! That’s that! You are probably tired of hearing how much I love my family, my friends, make meetings at home, but the truth is that I learned that from my parents. They are the reason for my passion and no one better than them in the art of receiving.

Last week we were super pleased to share our home with a family who won our hearts. The funny thing is that Pat, great Le Blog I knew and loved, but your lovely family met coincidentally through Le Vin Restaurant that opened here in Brasilia. Dates of destiny who become great friendships can only be celebrated, is not it?!

The dinner happened at my parents ‘ House and prepare everything with a lot of affection for them. The menu was made by Sweet Cake and it was wonderful! Did I mention the Sweet Cake here on the blog a few times, right? They did my wedding, my Tea Bar… in fact almost everything you have at home. Suuper recommend!

Who set the table. Yes … love it! The idea for the table was more sophisticated, anyway, in addition to the dear family Le Vin, had some other guests super important, lol! The colored cups got a charm and left everything more inviting and cheerful! Liked it?! The placemats and napkins are all of Tereza Cristina, who has also spoken here! The Pat who writes about gastronomy suuuper took the opportunity to record some clicks of the foods! Want to see?!

Night of the most pleasant! Family Le Vin welcome to Brasilia, we love to visit!

PS: anyone who wants to remind you some tips that I’ve already posted about table decoration, you can go here, here and here!

And then girls, liked the post?! What these decorations? I want to know everything!