Designer-It-Piece Sunglasses In The Xxl Styleboard

As already announced I want fit to the current motto of shopping Queen: “Create the perfect look for a designer-it piece” creating Styleboards which combines a selected designer part (that I would give myself) with fashion in larger sizes.

I had put together a selection of noble favorite pieces, you can admire here: “the six top-designer-it-pieces of the week”.

These mega-cool sunglasses Victoria Beckham make a start according to Sunglassestracker:

If like you can a part of in this article just on BB´s image or the link below and will be redirected to the online shop. 

Once pilot style, once in the form of cat (I could decide just for one…).Both not a bargain, but really very very nice, or??? Now in November not necessarily Super necessary, but at the sun shines BB´s even, so what!

To stay in the theme I like to have the complete look in the style of Victoria Beckham. You can say what you want, like the woman or not, but their design is sometimes really nice and cool. I like then and when very, I must admit.

See we do what makes her style so.

Pretty clean, plain, much just forms. Minimalistic, and an unexpected detail. Much geometry.

Colors: Black, white, occasionally a shot of colour like orange or blue in the new spring collection.

Similar in the Autumn/winter collection 2016 . Also: Many patterns (squares, stripes, Houndstooth).

The following fashion in the style of Victoria Beckham I found at Navabi, the bags and shoes in other shops. Just click on your favorite part and can get more detailed information.

Once pastel once 60s.
Which direction do you like better?
I appreciate your opinion right here in the comments.