David Dolphin at Pasarela Cibeles Autumn-Winter

The always controversial David Dolphin It has introduced intimacy, a collection where the designer wanted to express their innermost feelings relating to love and family for the season Autumn-Winter 2008-09, with a atypical scene where the catwalk became a concentration camp, the catwalk seats was filled with faces known to attend the parade of the always impressive dolphin, which counted with the participicion on the catwalk of his muse Bimba Bosé.

The designs were less transgressors who on other occasions, although several models came out with face cover, note of controversy of the day. The clothing collection includes jackets and dresses of crochet, as that was the grandmother of dolphin, the austerity cuts, with many details but always hidden. And in terms of the colors stand out the shades of white, blue, black and a single concession to the rose, which is the way in which the designer expressed his admiration for Louise Bourgeois with a quilt in this tone which was born inspired in “the kind of dolls sewing and stirs the sculptor”.

That love which wished to express his collection, filled with references to his childhood, David Delfín has taken him even to some of their jerseys in which appears the phrase “Je t’aime”. Tissues, the usual wool, silk, polyester, cotton, alpaca and cashmere.

What I liked most were their long gowns,that they are based on the concept of the rectangle and are drawing and adjusting to the female figure with zippers. We have seen that led Blanca Portillo at the Goya Awards, of black and white stripes.

And other striking clothing are shirts, one of the fundamental pieces in the collections of this designer, which is They buckle in the back or one side.