Curious Selfie Warnings From Russia: Don’t Shoot You With Tigers!

Russia is doing with meaningful warning on the dangers of Selfies carefully – or rather on particularly high-risk places and situations for spontaneous self portraits. Warning illustrations have also a certain comedy in itself, how the scenarios shown on it are so obviously dangerous or absurd.

The Ministry of Interior of Russia has just published a slew of Selfie ban on signs each show a dangerous situation to dissuade will from a self portrait. A warning message displays, for example, a Selfiefotografen with a free running around Tiger. Another posing with a gun in one hand for the camera in the other – such a snapshot has actually ever led to a serious gunshot wound, as Ars Technica recalls.

Can The Selfie Warnings Be A Viral Hit?

More warning graphics show Selfie photographers who tumble a steep hillside or down a flight of stairs or posing proud on a utility pole or a roof of houses. Four of the illustrations concentrate on self photography in traffic: on the open road with two oncoming cars, a boat and twice before trains or trams. One of the last pictures shows a Selfie stick as single use, on all other classic cameras to see – probably because they are easier to see in such simple representations as Smartphones.

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs would warn against dangerous Selfies not only with his own illustrations, but also calling for submitting its own proposals. Against this background, it is quite conceivable that the action with some social media back wind gets some more pictures on the plan. Whether the initiators of the campaign exactly that expected and have launched the graphics exactly why in this form remains open. We are looking forward, whether and what will make the Internet from it.

Curious Selfie Warnings From Russia Don't Shoot You With Tigers!