Covers Tech Toy of Bottega Veneta

I like to choose the small leather goods in different colors, the more striking, better. It is not that he intends to draw the attention but I never find them inside the bag. The colors of the Tech Toy of Bottega Veneta bags for the Ipad, iPhone and BlackBerry are ideal.

Green lima photo main is for mobile, with a handy handle cover both to take it in hand as tied securely in the bag. The skin of all of them is interlaced napa: a simple, timeless design but fresh by tones to choose.

The sky blue dress to the iPad, a color that I have selected various supplements this month. If you prefer, the gray stone is discreet and elegant. Don’t fancy a touch of color? Subtracts sobriety to the bag of winter which is usually dark colored.

A solution to distinguish technological teammates in every day is choosing a color for each case. That you complement each other, clear. Grey combined with all, the lime green and the blue, for example. There are also salmon-colored (see it in the) cover for Balckberry upper photo) and a very nice and soft camel.

Take colors-leather cases for accessories or mobile technology is the latest. Without carrying the Rainbow, it has no why face a look of work as the suit jacket but complement each other, illustrated by He transmits confidence and trust in your own style.