Copper Wire Necklace Imitating Income

Copper Wire necklace Imitating Income:Browsing a magazine Look old, of 5 December 2007, saw an advertisement for jewelry brand Vivara with our favorite model, Gisele Bundchen. As soon as I saw the picture of the earrings made in gold thread, felt inspired by the same time.

Copper Wire Necklace Imitating Income 2

As biju I like to do is the necklace, I got the idea of the earrings and made a paste. You can call this freeform style to have forms aleatóreas and of course, instead of using gold, used my dearest steel wire.

As you can see in this picture in detail (below), the necklace is made with pieces of twisted wires and connected to each other by small links. This way you can get to your piece has a movement that is necessary.

Copper Wire Necklace Imitating Income 1

To give you an even better idea of the outfit, look in the neck as he is super interesting and delicate according to

The end result was similar to a lace collar.

Want a really cool touch? In this piece I haven’t used beads, only the twisted wires but nothing prevents you from adding crystals and pearls or beads and create bijoux perfect for the night, parties, weddings and other occasions more chic.

On the earring that Gisele is wearing, you may notice that the gold thread is squishy and not circular like the one I used. This squishy can be done if you use an anvil and a hammer and kneading gently. That way you will have a lace effect even better.

Copper Wire Necklace Imitating Income 3

See two more interesting examples:

This first example is a necklace that has a proper current with inset equal until you reach the center of the piece, which is freeform.

Freeform is also the variety of inset in more traditional models. Are also called “links” these inset.