Comparison: Snapdragon 808 in LG G4 Against Competitors

How does the Snapdragon processor in LG-808 G4 compared to its competitors? Get the answer in this comparison.

LG selects in its recently launched topmodel, G4, not to make use of the Snap dragon 810 as with LG G Flex 2, but on the other hand, the, on paper, a little worse Snapdragon 808-processor.

Mobile page takes here, with data from Phone Arena, a look at how the processor in LG G4 is doing to its competitors-primarily Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC One M9, which uses two other processors:

7420 and Snapdragon Exynos 810 respectively-both with eight cores, where the four of them running with a high clock frequency and takes the heavy read, while the last four turns to, when you want to save power and when they are in standby.

In addition to the two nearest competitors is its predecessor, LG G3, in comparison, are running with snapdragon 801 processor with its 4 cores.

Huaweis latest range-topping, P8, is also included in the test, which is operated by the homemade HiSilicon Kirin 930 processor. It works the same way as with LG G4, where two of the cores running full blast and the four other takes the easy tasks.

The last participant in the benchmark test is Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which makes use of the Snapdragon 805, which is also a quad-core processor.


The first test is in the benchmark program AnTuTu, which tests the performance of a wide range of issues: Multitasking, processor, RAM, 2-d graphics and speeds for the internal storage space.

Here you can see a distinct deterioration compared to the more powerful Snapdragon 810 processor in HTC One M9, which LG dropped, but there is still a vast improvement from his predecessor Snapdragon 801 processor in LG G3 and a little distance to the Snap dragon 805 in Galaxy Note 4, which lies in between.

Samsung has with its Exynos processor a great head start down to competitors, while Huaweis knitted processor performs on par with LG G4.

Vellamo Mobile

Vellamo Mobile is a benchmark app, which among other things can measure processor performance.Here are doing it quite excellent G4 LG only surpassed by Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, while HTC One M9 with its-on paper-better Snapdragon 810 processor is just in hældene.

GFXBench (T-Rex HD)

In GFXBench be graphics chip to the test-here in the test, called T-Rex HD. There it is on the other hand, HTC One M9, which runs from the other. LG G4 is in the poorer half of the 6 tested smartphones with approximately half the number of frames per second than One M9.

Compared to LG G3 there is a little progress to track while it manages to run the test a tad better than Huawei P8 which has a processor with a similar design.

GFXBench (Manhattan)

In a new test in GFXBench see it nor good for the Snapdragon processor in LG 808-G4. Here is it, along with its predecessor, to find at the bottom, while HTC One again runs away from everyone else. The two Samsung phones occupy 2. and (3). in this test, while Huawei released LG G4 with a small margin.

Basemark US II

The last test is Basemark OS II, which checks the processor, memory, graphics chip and how quick they are to Web browsing.

LG G4 scores a 2. space in this test with Galaxy S6 Edge at the top once again. Snapdragon 808 turns out so that a better processor than the Snapdragon 801, 805 and 810 in this benchmark. Of course there are also other factors to take into consideration, but the fact is that LG will end up with a better result than several of the other competitors here.

With these results show the Snap dragon 808 itself as a processor, which is quite competitive among the latest top models, but generally does not manage to surpass in particular Samsung’s Exynos chip, but also the more powerful Snapdraon 810 in HTC One M9-quite as expected.

The service will not be disappointing in any way, but if you want the best of the best in raw performance, is it still the Galaxy and Galaxy S6 S6 Edge that topper.