College Style: The Street-Stylers Go Crazy by The Varsity

A few days ago I met a regular reader our posed us a doubt that more than one insurance has assaulted him by these dates: How do I go well dress, original and trendy with the cold that makes? Well, the solution is not easy, even many would indeed say you there. You choose between absolute comfort and perfect aesthetics and from there, a range of very different values in which we will choose to go or more comfortable or better dresses.

But that doesn’t mean so that it reaches a point between and both terms are reconciled. Therefore, casting an eye on the streetstylers who know a good time for this, we will make a review of the styles carried over despite the cold so you conformed them to your need, availability and taste. We started with the College style.

College style we have to assume that it is not the most suitable for the months of tempraturas below zero. Are halftime or interior looks you take advantage of garments such as the hoodies, jackets, or the varsitys to accomplish something of heat throughout the.

The idea is clear: a College collegiate style, with color but not overdo it, preference of the alpha numeric patterns and with a wide range of possibilities when it comes to include accessories such as the bow ties and hats & #8230;

… while footwear is usually limited to snakers or failing some high boots in which it prefers pants (mostly jeans for the more casual Chinese) inside the boot or with a return by way of fishing.

The good thing about this look is that, we can adapt it to our Cabinet and budget (or tastes) as you prefer with total comfort. You can get the global spirit more sport fashion, introducing denim pants, jackets or sporting and playing with closet funds such as t-shirts and shirts & #8230;

… or opt for a more classic style and preppy where jackets are left aside and are preferred combinations of jersey and shirt with bow tie or tie or in some cases the hoodies combined with shirt or polo to make it more elegant.

In short, a look that can come of pearls for college or for work requiring a very relaxed code dress, for stays of interiors and even for some other informal exit. But of course if you are looking for is to be on the street more than three hours, we enfundamos us a raincoat or get ready for cold.