Coarse Knit Sweater Oversize, Pink And A Nightmare

My year starts with a nightmare. So neee, not New Year. That was quite fabulous… we played games. Board games.

 That sounds boring and it is. But it does not always have to be exciting. My pulse wave meter always says to me, I should control stress and worries. Besides, I do not want to be too close to the corporate game now. Just because I find this gimmicky boring, does not mean that is so synonymous. Not at all boring, I find my new punk coarse knit sweater, which I bought in a shop, which I had discovered over ebay.And so we would be with my Albraum…

So thematically… But it must all be quite confusing to you now. Of course, I feel my new sweater, not as terrible and surely he is not the subject of evil dreams that plague me at night. But you know how it is… Dreams do what they want. And actually one of my next morning afterwards almost never remember what I dreamed. There are only two exceptional cases… either it was particularly beautiful or particularly greyish. Admittedly, the former has not really happened for a long time, I can write a book about nightmares soon… Ahem… okay, ne short story… ne very short short story…. an essay…. but at least.

Hooked, Chopped

And although I bought the sweater in the end not over ebay, but via Dawanda, the online auction house probably still occupied me. But it was not unjustified assessments that left me sweat drops on the dull forehead. It was not a hacky account… (it is written like this, or is there a danger of confusing it with hacked… so you know mince and so?) It does not matter A meat miner, or a criminal case in the virtual world.

Fabric From Which The Dreams Are

In my nightmare, it is not absolutely necessary that ghosts, werewolves or bloody journeymans appear in it. No, no-in my dreams, my clothes also play a supporting role. However, I am usually not the one that carries them. So I have already told of a nasty clothesmot devoted to my silk blouse. But it is also called the “stuff from which the dreams” maybe my “realist brain” takes this statement at the word. That would at least be a possibility, with which I could explain the textile night ghosts.

Favorite Jeans At Ebay

And now join one of my clothes with one with ebay… I went to sleep at night, sleeping my favorite jeans for one euro. Well, pure from her condition, she is not worth much more. But hello-it is my favorite jeans and their ideal value is not for me to weigh with Euronen. And as far as I remember, I have even accepted the shipping costs.Impossible… also, if the Hosi ancient, their cut not really hip and in some places it has already become dangerously thin. I was sweaty when I woke up and would have liked to immediately delete my ebay account… Just in case I go under the sleepwalkers…

Coarse Knit Sweater In Pink

But now enough shocking… The rest is about my cheerful, pink coarse knit sweater and my great new shoes, which I gave myself for my strange cold, which comes and goes as she wants. And no, I will not sell them at ebay and also not at the clothes gyro or the girls’ flea market… But apropos … at the flea market you can find some great parts from which I have separated myself in the approach of mental disaffection… The jeans are, of course, the ones 100 years old favorite jeans, which gave me a few new gray hair thanks to the abstruse dream thoughts. Then rather social games… and laughter-very recommendable Dawak (Affiliatelink Karstadt). A council game, which makes even playmuffle like me with tasks and riddles to laugh.And now out with the language – do you like to play social games or rather not?

I Wish You A Great First Week In 2017-Love, Conny

Pullover: secretofstyle via Dawanda-unfortunately, the sweater is no longer available, but Boden has a fine Cashmere sweater and straight Sale on HolidaySort and then again 10%. 
Pants: Only-already 100 years old and straight at ebay for 1 euro to have… Not, no, of course NOT !!! 
Boots: Topshop and just on sale  (Affiliatelink Zalando) 
Blouse: Bottom-a really cool blouse I have found at HUGO BOSS (Affiliatelink)-but jeans jeans are probably no jeans shirt. 
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff 
Blouson: 3suisses (three years old) 
Scarf: Your favorite store (last year)