Chanel Is Surrounded by a “Camellia Garden”

Chanel has just presented a new collection of jewelry which has come to be called with the name of Camellia garden, and that consists of Ninety-nine parts that revolve around a leitmotif: the Camellia, one of the most emblematic symbols of the maison founded by Coco Chanel.

Gabrielle Chanel I felt special affection for this flower because he loved his symmetry. So much so, that he quickly convert it into a brooch to be able to decorate with it its famous tweed jackets. During parades, nor hesitate to make him a nod by hanging it hair or doll of their models.

This collection of jewelry that we present today is the first that is performed based on the Camellia. The tradition pure Chanel, retrieves the contrasts between the the black and white through the use of the Onyx and diamonds, lacquer black or even white corals.

The result is a collection of absolutely exceptional pieces with continuous references to the Haute Couture, and the life of the great Coco through his embroidery, y lace, passing by the ties and, how could it be otherwise, of its famous camellias.

Is not surprising, therefore, that this flowery garden is subdivided into a series of lines, then we list you: the whole Camellia Ruban It presents this flower in its form more graphic through diamonds combined with long strings of pearls of Onyx.

The line Gourmand It makes special effort to highlight a lot of cheerful and acidulated colors through pink tourmalines, garnets and rubelios, placed on a bed of diamonds, giving the whole a generous volume in three dimensions.

For your line Perles Camellia, It seems as if the pearls had been deposited as Dew drops on the petals of the flower, and the refraction of the light had broken apart them in a multitude of colors, making them shine with dazzling shines.

The ring Camellia Givre This flower represents with its appearance Winter, the set Camellias boutons He suggests the early spring through a delicate Cocoon made with small diamonds, surrounded by leaves also curds of diamonds.

To pay a well-deserved tribute to all the Chanel Couture, the whole universe Camellias Broderie gracefully illustrates the thoroughness of the embroidery We can see in parades, with that slightly cambered – characteristic – touch, thanks to a combination of pink sapphires and mauves, and diamond set on a white gold mount.

It seems that the ópalos, little by little, they have managed to return to fashion. Thus, also found them (for the first time!) in the Chanel creations, being able to admire their reflections beautiful blue in the collar Petar les Camelias.

The Camelia, the flower of Asian origin, present in the imaginary Chanel Since 1923, has served as inspiration for the design of a large collection of jewels which are declined in a beautiful and colorful Garden through diamonds, multicolored sapphires, tourmalines, spinels, Onyx, opals and pearls through rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches developing three-dimensionality and mobility thanks to their sophisticated caming.