Casio Will Launch a Four Terminal Nuclei

If we mean the name of the company Casio probably the first thing that you should come to the head is not precisely the smartphone, but the clocks digital which so famous were made at the end of the 1990s and that all those who then went to the school wanted. However, this company has gradually entered the world of smartphones, and wants to make it big.

Would be a terminal, which is not the one shown in the image above, of Quad-core, possibly Tegra 3 but is not confirmed, with a 4.5 screen ” Super AMOLED, NFC chip, connection for 4 G LTE networks, rear 8 megapixel camera, front-facing camera of 2 megapixel with a battery 2000 mAh, all managed with what they call “ the latest version of Android ”, that everything points that Android 4.0 will be Ice Cream Sandwich.

Apart from these concrete especificiaciones, will be the most common connections such as the microUSB port, jack, 3.5 headset jack and microSD card port until, as it has become usual, the 32 GB capacity. Little more is known This Mastodon, even its price or release date, but promises to be an interesting option if you want a terminal of high range with a company that has just begun in Android.