Cardigan Men,Tips For Using in the Spring!

Talk TIME, all right? To start the week here in male Fashion I will talk about men’s Cardigan and some Tips to use the piece in the warmer seasons of the year. Bora pro post inspiration?

Last year was already talking a little about the subject on but I decided to supplement with these Inspirations to use the play in the spring, for example. For those who do not know what it is, the Cardigan is a lighter coat, not so heavy, usually with front Buttons, many people resembles with Sweater (Tips for using Sweater HERE).

The Cardigan can be a good thing to make your visual on sunny days, but with the wind or ice cream for a spring night not so hot, but also not so cold to the point of putting a sweatshirt, a heavier Shirt! Can use open shirts, over a t-shirt, tank top, pants, Shorts, more formal, pro, pro, anyway, it’s a versatile piece!

To prove it, below separated some photos as inspiration to use Cardigan in visual Male! Check Out TIME:

In more formal style, with Slim Tie, he can be a good thing to replace the Blazer! How about a more vivid color men’s Cardigan for Spring?

Men’s Cardigan over denim shirt! I liked \o

To get a job on a Friday, more casual, with T-shirt underneath!

The visual above, male Race under Cardigan!

The 2 photos above, options to use Cardigan with shorts!

How about the look to go to Uni? With Cardigan, T-shirt, Jeans and a Derby Shoe in Suede?

Visual Basic, but well above the Cardigan gets highlighted by being longer, Longline modeling, which is on the rise. I talked about it HERE for T-shirts

And a Cardigan Patterned Male? I found the look up FUCK! With blue shoe (tips for use HERE)

The 2 photos above, Craig Owens, lead singer of Chiodos, using Cardigan! He always is seen around with the play!


  • It’s not too hard to find the Cardigan, a nice panned in department stores or stores will show you this Male! Worth a look!
  • I separated some links also Stores I found, have a look: Pottery Barn Columbus , Dafiti , Pottery Barn RG , American Apparel , Banggood (search by Cardigan men), AliExpress, Asos

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EAE team, enjoyed the tips? Like to use Cardigan in visual? Leave your feedback here in the comments