Cambridge, Iowa

Cambridge, Iowa is a small city located in Story County in the central region of the state. The city has a population of around 1,500 people and is part of the Ames Metropolitan Statistical Area. Cambridge is situated about 25 miles north of Des Moines and 90 miles east of Omaha, Nebraska.

The terrain around Cambridge is mostly flat with rolling hills to the north and east. The land to the west is slightly more hilly with some wooded areas. The city center is situated on a small hilltop overlooking the surrounding countryside. The soil in this area is mainly sandy loam which makes it ideal for growing crops such as corn, soybeans, and hay.

The climate in Cambridge is classified as humid continental with warm summers and cold winters. Average temperatures range from an average high of 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30°C) in July to an average low of 12 degrees Fahrenheit (-11°C) in January. Precipitation levels are fairly consistent throughout the year with average annual precipitation ranging from 28-33 inches (71-84 cm). Snowfall averages around 20 inches (51 cm) per year and usually occurs between late November and early April.

As far as transportation goes, Cambridge has two main highways that run through town: Interstate 35 and US Highway 30. These two highways provide access to nearby cities such as Des Moines (25 miles south), Omaha (90 miles east), Cedar Rapids (85 miles northwest), and Kansas City (180 miles southwest). In addition to these highways, there are also several local roads that provide access to neighboring towns such as Story City (5 miles northeast) and Booneville (10 miles northwest).

When it comes to recreation, there are several parks located within or near Cambridge including Don Williams Park which features a playground, picnic area, walking trails, fishing pond, basketball court, sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits and soccer field; Cedar Valley State Park which features camping sites; Farrar Park which offers trails for hiking/biking; Youngs Grove Park which has a playground; And Barrick Swimming Pool which offers swimming lessons during the summer months. There are also several golf courses located throughout Story County including Ames Golf & Country Club just 10 minutes away from downtown Cambridge.

Cambridge Iowa provides its residents with a peaceful rural atmosphere while still being close enough to major cities like Des Moines for easy access when needed. With its pleasant climate year-round, convenient transportation links via I-35 & US-30 highways and an abundance of outdoor recreational activities nearby, Cambridge makes for an ideal place for those looking for an escape from busy city life.

History of Cambridge, Iowa

Cambridge, Iowa is a small town located in Story County, Iowa with a population of just over 1,100 people. It has a rich history that dates back to the mid-1800s when the first settlers arrived in the area. In 1871, the Chicago and North Western Railroad Company built a railway line through Cambridge and by 1873 there was a depot where passengers could disembark. This marked the beginning of Cambridge as an official town.

The economy of Cambridge thrived due to the railroad and its proximity to nearby cities like Des Moines (25 miles south), Omaha (90 miles east) and Cedar Rapids (85 miles northwest). Several businesses opened up in town including general stores, blacksmith shops, banks and other services necessary for residents’ everyday needs.

In addition to being an important stop on the railroad line, Cambridge was also known for its agricultural production which included corn, oats and hay. The surrounding land was also used for pastures where pigs were raised for sale at markets in Des Moines or Omaha.

Throughout its history, Cambridge has undergone several changes that have shaped it into what it is today. In 1902, electricity came to town which allowed businesses to expand their services and local residents to enjoy modern conveniences like refrigeration and lighting in their homes. In 1912, a fire station was built which provided much needed protection from fires in this rural community.

The 1920s saw an increase in population as more people moved to Cambridge looking for work or simply looking for a quiet place to settle down away from city life. This period also saw an increase in recreational activities with several parks being built such as Don Williams Park which featured playgrounds, picnic areas and walking trails; Cedar Valley State Park with camping sites; Farrar Park with trails for hiking/biking; Youngs Grove Park with playgrounds; And Barrick Swimming Pool with swimming lessons during summer months.

Today, Cambridge is still known as a small rural community that offers its residents peace of mind while still providing access to nearby cities via highways I-35 & US-30 highways. With its pleasant climate year round, convenient transportation links, abundance of outdoor recreational activities nearby, Cambridge makes an ideal place for those looking for an escape from busy city life.

Economy of Cambridge, Iowa

According to andyeducation, Cambridge, Iowa is a small rural community located in Story County, Iowa. The population of Cambridge is estimated to be around 1,000 people. The economy of Cambridge is largely agricultural and relies heavily on nearby Ames and Des Moines for employment opportunities. Cambridge has several small businesses including a hardware store, a restaurant, and a few convenience stores. The town also has two churches and a public library. The majority of the residents are employed in either the agricultural or manufacturing industries with many having jobs at the nearby John Deere plant. There is also a significant number of people who work in retail or service positions.

The local school district provides both elementary and high school education to the children in Cambridge. There are also several higher education institutions located within driving distance for those wanting to pursue further studies. In addition to these educational opportunities, there are also recreational activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, golfing and more that can be enjoyed by the residents of Cambridge. With its small-town feel and rural charm, many families have chosen to call Cambridge home for generations making it an ideal place to raise children and live in peace and comfort away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Politics in Cambridge, Iowa

Cambridge, Iowa

Cambridge, Iowa is a small rural community located in Story County, Iowa. The town is governed by a mayor-council system, with the mayor being directly elected by the people of Cambridge. The mayor is responsible for representing the town at both local and state level meetings and is also responsible for setting the town’s budget. The council consists of eight members who are elected to two-year terms; they are responsible for making decisions on matters such as public safety, infrastructure improvements, and zoning regulations.

The political climate of Cambridge leans towards conservative values with most residents voting Republican in national elections. However, local elections tend to be more competitive with candidates from both major parties running for office. There is also a strong sense of community involvement in Cambridge with many citizens taking part in volunteer activities or attending public meetings to voice their opinions on important issues facing the town.

The Cambridge Town Council meets on a regular basis to discuss issues that affect the town and its residents. The meetings are open to all residents and usually include an opportunity for public comment before any decisions are made. This gives citizens a chance to have their voices heard and allows them to take an active role in shaping the future of their community.

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