Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard Us Fall in Love in ‘Allies’

Allies is a highly anticipated film. It has several claims: Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard as protagonists, and the imposing and Oscar-winning Robert Zemeckis as director. But this time, the production is marked by the curiosity, since the two stars have been in the mouth of everyone, by its divorce with Angelina Jolie, and she because he had supposedly been the reason for the rupture by a possible romance during this filming.


The film is a story of romance, espionage and treason, set in 1942, with different fronts of the Second World War as a backdrop, at a time in which 26 countries are aligned on the side of the Allied forces to counter the nazi threat that crosses Europe. Fulfilling an urgent mission entrusted by the British special operations organization, Canadian Aviator Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) jumps in parachute on the Casablanca busy to finish with the Ambassador of Germany. There he meets the sweeping French resistance fighter Marianne (Cotillard), chosen to pretend to be your spouse. However, increasing flame of passion that is kindled between them soon cease to be fiction, even in the midst of the devastating adversity they face.

‘Brad and Marion also embody the kind of great romantic movie that long ago that it didn’t’

Challenge themselves to meet in London, your love reaches new heights and they founded a family. But becomes a monumental deception, but a day in which Max is informed that their idyllic new family life may not be what triggers a desperate search for the truth through a potentially lethal labyrinth of frontiers and alliances, both personal and international.

“Allies is a story of betrayal. “That is the universal theme of this film: how we react when we began to think that the person that we love is not what it says it is.” Brad and Marion also embody the kind of great romantic movie that long ago to not be seen, says Steven Knight, the screenwriter.


The two protagonists have a radiant romantic look in every scene, with a beautiful and glamorous costumes, liability of Joanna Johnston, (Lincoln, saving private Ryan, mission: impossible: secret nation, Forrest Gump).

The film, set in the cinematic style of films of the 1940s, offers a visual extravaganza of costumes, landscapes, images… with a great deal of tension, but also showing passionate and deep human emotions. The attractive, luxurious and distinctive visual style of allies is undoubtedly one of its main attractions.

The costume designer used the characters of Max and Marianne for a maximum effect of glamour and elegance. Since the impeccable, sophisticated garments in Sandy tones of scenes from Casablanca, the combination of looks of Bohemian dyes Marianne and strict formality of Max in London, marking the evolution of the light to the darkness, as it increases the suspense of the film.

Costume designer understood perfectly how to create a classic and elegant style that made the character of Marianne was both credible and exuberant in his circumstance of trapped woman. The result? Wonderful! The costume reflects perfectly the aesthetics of 1940s, one of the most elegant decades of the 20th century.

Sophisticated long dresses, satin-finished most, with impeccable falls and sensual back to air for the outfits at night, always with a thought-provoking and at the same time mysterious touch. For the day, tailored jackets and skirts midi of flight, combined with beautiful hats and fascinators, all responding to the perfect new look of the time.

The costumes created by Johnston for Marianne marveled at Marion Cotillard. The actress explains that Joanna “very familiar with aesthetics that likes the Director and knows what he wants, what is not obstacle to constantly surprise you. It was really fascinating to see how the two collaborated”.

Joanna worked for that the details of time were correct, but his work also has large doses of originality: “not only has a great sensibility for design, but also accumulated a vast knowledge of British history and was a great guide for us in this field. It has been an essential piece for the visual style of the movie,”says director.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt It had all the features required for the role, says Zemeckis, but it also brought some unexpected nuances. “Brad is always a very convincing actor on screen, with his fierce presence. But in this film it undergoes a delicate evolution, drawing the portrait of a man who happens to be a handsome secret agent to a man who suffers a deep confusion and emotional distress from having to face the first real threat to everything that means something to him. Brad grew given the difficulty of the role, and has given us a splendid and emotional portrait of Max”, says director.

‘Brad and Marion provided the spark that sometimes jump between movie stars’

The director added that: “If you are telling a story of love, pray so that your two protagonists have that incredible chemistry that you can appreciate how flows from the screen. That is what has happened with this film. Brad and Marion provided the spark that sometimes jump between movie stars. Both were delivered emotionally and that delivery was amplified by the chemistry that exists between them whenever they appear together on the screen.”

Marion Cotillard

“Probably the best French actress of her generation, and is so convincing as Brad on the screen”. Thus the filmmaker defines it to French actress. Her beauty combined with its great interpretation It makes it impossible to avert his gaze from her whenever she appears on screen. Their reactions are absolutely electrifying and it forms a sweeping pair with Brad. Whether to display playful, or tender, or to play to the dismissal or dam of sadness, Cotillard has a presence that is impossible not to appreciate in this production.

The director said of Marion to be an absolutely magnificent actress and this paper offers you a wide variety of dimensions of emotional, psychological and physical that compose its interpretation. “It is French, obviously, what gives it that touch of reality, but also is of that kind of performers who can keep the audience guessing.” The actress for his part said that “he loved the fact that you seem a very entertaining thriller and simultaneously seem a very deep and intense love story”.

The next 25 November It is their date of release, but for now I leave the trailer: