Boots:the Right Shoes For Every Kind of Weather

In rain, snow, and slush we need one thing: the matching shoes. The new winter boots to withstand all weather conditions. The best:Boots are currently great!

You should be careful when buying boots

Are you looking for a shoe that can withstand rain, snow and slush and keep your feet warm? This year, boots are not nut absolutely in line with the trend, but are also the perfect shoes in all weather conditions.

Also learn how to properly maintain your leather shoes!

You should be careful when buying:

  • So you get no wet feet, boots made of leather or so-called air pick up membrane. If the model consists climate membrane, can be recognised the ending -TeX in the brand name.
  • Thick grip soles are ideal on muddy or icy roads. How non-slip shoes are really reveals a simple trick: you rub the shoe on the bottom and the more it “resists” the rutschfester is the model.
  • In the winter, the best hot holders include lambskin and Teddy plush lining, which consists of 100% cotton. They are known for their perspiration-absorbing properties.
  • Nanotreatment are a great alternative to lined boots. They are made of lambskin or functional Synethtikmaterial. If they are heated on the heater, they keep warm for several hours.
  • Buy the best half a number winter boots bigger. So a small air cushion can be formed in the toe area which stores heat in the shoe. There is also enough space for fluffy socks or warming insoles.