Blumenkind With Boho Blouse – An Autumn Look

The Gastautor… would like to be paid in hindsight and sees itself already at its first book publishing sit. Oh, what does publication mean-he is, of course, nominated for the public at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

He sees his fanfare gathered behind him while he writes wild autographs. I carry his bag uh laptop äh smartphone, tablet and answer the comments on his social media channels. In my spare time I start, of course only for him, Pokémon and make me smart about the next thing, which one must necessarily turn. By the way, I look stylish-but since we do not make money, I have to apply my old stuff… Like this Boho blouse, which has been in my closet since the last Boho chic hype in the beginning of the two thousand years.

In any case, my son now imagines everything after reading your comments. He feels flattered, honored and thanked heartily for your dear words (you see, it starts with answering his comments). He is also self-minded, like his steinböckisches naturel, he also can take over my blog. Finally, he looks better than I… Bämmm… Where is he with the megalomania only? Hmmmm… I can not explain this, that must come in direct line from his father. I’ve always known, there’s something in the bush… I can only tell at the moment that he and I are in very tough negotiations.

Time Reading Time

Cake is definitely not enough… especially since at home the man bakes. He knows this, of course, and thinks I’m going to get out of the affair much too cheaply. At the moment he was about the daily reading time. If he is to write something for me, he will not read on that day. This has the background: My dear son would love to spend every free second with a technical device. Be it a tablet, the PlayStation or the mobile phone of another family member-his own has not. Not yet! But when it comes to him, it will change on his tenth birthday. Haha… I look forward to the discussions… In any case, the “Zockzeit” is coupled with the reading time-the time, which he reads, he is allowed to play.

I Know How It’s Going

This educational program I have me from a befriended colleague and so far it works well. So good that my son in the last school year could score quite a few points in the Antolin reading program , and even had a positive note in the testimony. “Look at mama !!!” …. “Oh, neee, and whom do you have to thank for that?” “Well, mama – I finally read the stuff!”. You know, people-like that at home.Sometimes I have such short moments in which I believe I know how to do it. A quick dialogue with my son and I’m sure I know about nothing. If it is surprising that I spend my miserable free time with something that does not bother me and does not make any concessions from the cross. So I’m wondering more nüscht more… and so we come right to the important part.

Boho Blouse On The Flower Meadow

My “old” embroidered Boho blouse. I think she has been hanging around for 13 years and although I do not wear it very rarely, I can not separate from her. I also wear it for a decade-so if I wear it, then always with exposed jeans and with high heels … A new addition came Fransentasche number two, which fits perfectly to the brown of the shoes. At the same time, I would say goodbye with this contribution from the open shoes-so for 2016… bye-your thrown-in feet. See you next year again. So now, however, the olle Boho blouse, which I have borne according to the field, to distribute a bit of Blumenkind flair… I hope I succeeded. And if the Gastautor comes back here, we have probably agreed. Have a nice week dear All…

Pants: Asos-Carrie from Mac is on sale at softwareleverage(Affiliatelink)-unfortunately only in remaining sizes 
Blouse: Only-my blouse is embroidered , but I have found a greatfloral print blouse on impressions  (Affiliatelink). 
Shoes: Marc O’Polo-I look for alternatives again next summer 
Bag: Zara-the leather bag is still available
Chain: Stella & Dot