BeyoncÉ’S Sister Arrives at Her Wedding by Bicycle

Solange Knowles Married Alan Ferguson In New Orleans

Last weekend, another woman from the Knowles family went up to the altar. This time, it was Solange Knowles who joined the team. However, right away, the singer showed that her marriage would not be near the traditional.

In the first images released by the Grosby Group, Solange Knowles appears on the streets of New Orleans, where the ceremony took place, along with her husband, Alan Ferguson, with his white bicycles. As you can see, there must have been the  Traditional onal  time the groom sees only the bride on the wedding site.

She even innovated in the clothes for the wedding. Solange Knowles “forgot” the tradition again and left the beautiful veil and garland dress aside. In return, she wore a white set.Her black power and her husband’s beard were also something that attracted the flashes of the photographers.

Overcoming the fights of the past, know who appeared there? Himself. Jay-Z.Accompanied by his wife Beyoncé,  sister ã  bride, and daughter Blue Ivy, the rapper, who was involved in a controversy with Solange, since they arrived “to blows” in an elevator to exit the Video Music Awards Last year, he was there having fun on board a white suit. In fact, the white seems to have been the mandatory color for the event, since all the guests, including the bride and groom were dressed in this color.

According to the site E! News, Solange Knowles avoided talking about confusion with Jay-Z during the wedding and only 50 guests attended the event.