Backpacks and Handbags Coolest Male Come from Russia

I live an eye on new brands, especially those working with rustic materials and do things that the big brands only dream of, I’ve shown you many of them here in Male Channel, but none of them wowed me as much as the mysterious Notless Orequal.

I’m not kidding when I say mysterious, the brand has no official website or online store, I found some hint of where to buy male purses crafted by Russian Nikita Suetin, incidentally the bit that got about Notless

Orequal is the name of the creator, your nationality and some pictures scattered on sites like Our site, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, but still having no idea of how to get a piece.

On the images of Facebook and the like you can see that the designer lives in a House somewhere and work on the ground, including the sewing machine with only two black cats and the horses that are grazing on the outside. Intriguing, to say the least!

Notless Orequal products

But what must be taken into consideration is the ability of Nikita to create purses and backpacks blending various shades, leathers, canvas and metal details. Some models are intricate, involving several lock strips and a fancy leather work and thorough. Note that the guy really love what you do!

The visual of some bags makes you think that they were found in a trunk or inherited from a great-grandfather whose hobby was to explore the nature. Even the simplest models bring details that give personality, whether in leather color, at the seams or buttons made to look old. Braces almost always has a purpose securing waist pack, ensure that the compartments are properly closed or hold any accessories on the outside of the bag as a canteen, a blanket or a sleeping bag according to animalerts.

Photo Gallery

Look in the gallery select models of Notless Orequal:

Now let’s hope that in the near future it is possible to find products of Notless Orequal with ease or, at least, we can order them without having to write an email using Cyrillic characters!