Babymoov Twesty Night Light

Here the night lights is not what’s missing, honey has a great passion for these small objects that reassure her!

Babymoov Twesty Night Light

We have several brands, with different functions (simple light, music, Nomad, on the wall,…) in short we not bad!

So it is with pleasure that I agreed to test the pilot light Tweesty girl !

Product description:

A scalable Nightlight, which can cling to the bed, landing on a piece of furniture or ship. Melodies and lights gently accompany the child in the arms of Morpheus.

A scalable night-light:
During the first months of baby, the night light is used to reassure baby and help him to fall asleep.
3 melodies and 7 colors to change your mood.

Growing up, the child can use the night light such a paper Lantern. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, it can easily grab it. Flexible and soft, it avoids breaking in a fall. A design sleek and rounded to soberly decorate a room.
Practice when it reloads, the pilot light continues to operate.

11 h autonomy
Running on 6v adapter or batteries (not supplied)

A power outlet can charge the night light, and leaves appear a red light when she is in charge.

It has several function

-Turn on / turn off by turning “cap” the night light

-A button to turn on the light and change the colors

-A button to activate the music: 3 melodies of 15 seconds

-A button to adjust the volume

According to remzfamily, the pilot light has a “hat” that for a good grip for the child, and to be able to transport it where he wants to!

When children are learning to clean this night light can be top! Indeed, if the night the child wants to go to the toilet, this night light can be very handy to reassure them to move in the night.

“The hat” also allows to hang the pilot light to the beds that crib or not!

My opinion: I think this night light really very beautiful! She doesn’t baby, and so can accompany the child for a long time.

It is very comprehensive with not less than 7 colors, 3 melodies.

And she’s very clever with his “hat” that allows a good grip for the child but also to be able to hang it anywhere.

On the other hand point negative, here the melody of 15 seconds is constantly until I went to turn off the pilot light. On one side it is not longer hurt because my chip being a ball of energy she need more than 15 seconds of lullaby to calm him and put him to sleep.

In any case she loves it! And I think it’s so cute when she’s walking around with at night.

This night light is available here on the site surfer baby

and also available HERE boy

Price: €42

  • The delivery is done by TNT, which are for me the best delivery guys!They send an email the day before to evening to request if you want to change the delivery (date, location,…) and even if we had the time to do it, the day J if they arrive at your home and that you’re not here, they call, whether they can put the package to a trusted neighbour, and for my part the delivery guy agreed to do 5 minutes of their way to deliver it to anotherplace.

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