ASUS ZenWatch 2 Comes in Two Sizes, But Not Until Next Year

According to Director Jerry Shen, Asus has no plans to launch a smartwatch in years. The sequel to ZenWatch come first next year.

ASUS launched their first smartwatch last year, we got a pretty nice amount of features at a reasonable price, so how should this sharp followed up? It will be at least not this year it sounds to on Asus ceo Jerry Shen.

Asus is in the process of developing a new watch, but Shen says that they have no plans to launch it in 2015, which must mean that we shouldn’t expect to see it before we can post 2016. That may well happen much on the smartwatch market in a year, so hopefully it ends not with that fall completely behind the Asus dance by not scheduling a launch this year.

The only thing we immediately know about the new watch, is that it will be made in two different sizes, one for men and one for women. Other new information we get and hopefully know about before the end of the year.