ASUS Confirms That They Are Dropping The Padfone, Combining Smartphone and Tablet Which Will Be Released in 2012

One of the most suggested by consumers is a phone that is connected to a tablet and that would be like an expansion of the screen, and can remove the terminal in the event that we deem it necessary to move us. The idea It is not the first time that comes to light, and it is that a few months ago Google bought the designs of a company of modular phones, containing a very similar concept, despite having not used even the concept.

But it seems that Asus has decided to take the step that many have not dared to give, and to a very early date, without going any further than the month of February of the next year 2012. That is the date chosen by Asus to take what in English would be called padphone, a concept hardly translatable and that we will have to use the words in English.

Jerry Shen, the CEO of the company said flatly that the terminal is currently finishing the development, and that it would be a phone with a dock carried which would contain a touch screen. Still not specified neither price nor details of the operators that could subsidize it to consumers. It is rumored that it will contain Ice Cream Sandwich, although official confirmations are expected