Are Rumors about an HTC One M9 with SoC MediaTek, and Not Seem Bad Idea

HTC One M9 It is not a bad phone, but the Taiwanese company too well is not working you. Refers to a very low demand motivated, perhaps, by problems with the Snapdragon 810 chip, and something they should do. What? Because it may not seem bad idea doing One M9 with a MediaTek chip.

It is a rumor that has emerged a few hours ago and that makes little sense. Born from ePrice, one half Taiwanese says this new model will be released in October and we hope that it will be cheaper than One M9 with Snapdragon, which went on the market in March for 749 euros, but it can currently be found free by 530.

In recent times MediaTek processors are being very competitive, with tremendous growth in recent generations. And its future is very promising with models like helium 20 X, a SoC that promises a total of ten cores for high performance. While it is true that MediaTek has always been quite far away from the podium of the best market SoCs, speculates that the 20 X could jump to any of the top places. Another cheaper option would be the Helium X 10, Although it seems somewhat easily disposable taking into account that the ME One already incorporates this SoC.

It is estimated that the 10 X and 20 X will be more affordable than the counterparts of Qualcomm, the Snapdragon that HTC has entrusted to all the members of One family. Maybe is a good idea to choose to MediaTek, If HTC can bet for one good price, lower than that of its rivals. Is this the future of the company? Even we don’t know with certainty, but certainly an interesting path that can be followed and that some rival companies like Sony are already testing.