Architectural Minimalism in Anti Utopia Spring/Summer 2012

The designer settled in Bangkok Art Suchato has just presented to the signing Anti Utopia its Lookbook for spring/summer 2012. A catalog with photos in black and white, that in the same way the outfits are presented under the color palette of this two-tone tandem, which are gray notes on wide scale.

Garments of minimalist, his favourite style, playing with patterns, shapes and volumes creating architecturally avant-garde effects. We go to that many garments reminiscent of modern buildings.

Shirts with pleats and strategically placed tables create illusions balloon in shirts that have nothing to do with the typical Basic, t-shirts in armor effect achieved thanks to great drapes, or exageradisimos necks fireplace they stand out on the blazer as if it were a volcano.

Desmangadas American or Bermuda of tailoring with much fall in a nothing traditional tailoring, knitted vests filled with sequins, so tribal as futuristic jewellery and bags of napa – some replete with studs – this young designer who promises and much complete the proposal. Sure that from now on sees you to sound more familiar name, suggests ways.

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