Apple iPad Air 2-Refined to the Fingertips [Test]

Review: Apple iPad Air 2 is no revolution, but it is still the best that one can find on the tablet market.

It is not because there are so many surprises. On his show, it is classic Apple all the way through. Is preserved, it was also Apple, who got out in the world, and therefore the future tablet devices, it is very natural that Apple’s latest installment feels so familiar. It’s an iPad. It is not a rethinking of the whole concept, it is a processing of it. And it works well.

Apple is perhaps the company is sharing the waters most among tech fans, but it’s not to get around, that there will be good products out of the minds of the people in the company. One of them is the Apple iPad Air 2, which excels in a number of areas.

It is thin, it’s easy, it’s powerful, it has it all and then some in most areas. I might as well say it right away-it will be a good character.

Specification iPad Air 2

Goals: 240x169x6, 1 mm, 437 grams
Display:9.7 “display, resolution 2048 x 1536, 264 PPI
Camera: 8 MP f/2.4 lens, 1.2 MP front camera. Full HD video 30 fps, 120fps slow-motion
Performance: Apple A8x 1.5 GHz tri-core, PowerVR graphics, 2 GB of RAM
Storage space: 16/64/128 GB
Software: iOS 8
Battery: 7340 mAh
Moreover: Touch ID, Apple Pay, available in silver, gold or space gray
Price: from DKK to 6399 us $ 3799.

Classic Apple

It is clear that it is Apple’s design style, we are talking about, as soon as one’s gaze hits the Tablet-very naturally when it now is an Apple product. No hard edges and a subdued expression is what the iPad Air 2 planning for the day, and the family resemblance with the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6 is striking.

If one is to look with the rounded blend of metal and glass is of course up to one myself-I think it plays, and it plays at a high level. It also feels quite natural to sit with the Tablet, both horizontally and vertically. Here plays the low weight at 437 grams also in favour.

We must also give Apple, that TouchID works flawlessly. It is very reliable and has locked me into virtually every time without any problems.

We must also say that the price is classic Apple, and that it is in the high end for a tablet. There are 16, 64 or 128 GB of storage and so can the iPad Air 2 is available as wifi-only and with 4 g. It is a mystery to me why Apple chose to retain 16 GB instead of 32 GB models, but no matter what, then you should to pockets, if you want one of the latest generation iPad.

Playing with the big

Apple was very proud of their A8X-chip that is located in the stomach and pulling the strings in the iPad Air 2, and there is good reason to. The Tablet is steeped in power when blinded up for heavy 3D games, and one finds not hesitation. It shows a lot of the so-called benchmarks too.

Know you not for these tests, so are they made to get a measurement of how much an electronic device may perform in raw power. And here is the iPad Air 2 relatively close on some laptops.

We are not there, where iPad Air 2 and Apple need to replace A8X gamer laptops. But, for example, have a working computer, only to make research on the net and then dialed into the Word, so it is very interesting. You could save your laptop away and go all-in on the iPad?

I got equipped myself with a Bluetooth keyboard and set me otherwise to try a change. And I was pleasantly surprised.

Media machine

Of course, I had in mind that Apple iPad Air 2 is a tablet. Therefore, it must also be assessed as a tablet, when the time comes, but it has been interesting with the different perspective.

Both tablets and laptops are being used as media centers, and here are coping with iPad Air 2 it extremely well. The screen is, as usual, we are tempted to say, a pleasure to look at, with bright colors that are not over leveraged, and great contrasts.

Apple, as we know, is not gone with in pixel-race, and if you go close to, then it is to see that the screen is made of a lot of small pixels. In practice, however, there is no individual pixels in sight, and there are no problems with long sessions of Netflix ‘ House of Cards.

Audio is also excellent with the two speakers, who shoots sound out of the bottom of the tablet. There are both okay quality and power to be found in the speakers, but they are as mentioned collected in the bottom. Purists will not be impressed, but it goes for most everyday purposes.

It is doubtful whether Apple will ever find a way to reconcile this desire with design strategy, but a front speaker in each end of the Tablet would do wonders for the experience, when you have to see his favorite series or big blockbuster. My test copy also had little tendency to vibrate relatively much even at modest volume.

With the media portion also includes it in creating media-primarily pictures. FaceTime camera is what it now is. It must not be used for the large, but the camera on the back has been better. It is far from the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6, but it is usable. If we can stick to the crooked eyes that come with when taking pictures with an iPad.

The powerful processor also does, that it will be possible to work a little more with photo and video editing on the go-however, it is not something I even have tried.


Productivity is great-in theory

Laptops are smart because you can take them and work on the go. The same applies for tablets. They can, because they’re running on battery, and that is why it is important that there is enough juice in the battery to keep the machinery, and here are coping with iPad Air 2 well.

As labour-laptop with primarily Word-use spiced with Bluetooth connection to a keyboard and a little browsing keeps iPad Air 2 about 10 hours on a single charge-like Apple lover. It is intended in the neat end on one then talking tablet or laptop.

The more one gives device-intensive tasks, the battery life will of course fall foholdsmæssigt, but the many users who have the lying on the table in a few days at a time will not be disappointed.

Clear screen, long battery life, the ability to plug in a keyboard-it sounds good for productivity, and it is that too. There is a lack of just anything. And it is now, we are moving beyond iPad’s core areas-bear with me.

To start with something that also applies for the Tablet, then it is not so easy to switch between apps on an iPad or mobile devices in General. It becomes especially clear if you are trying to use an iPad as a laptop, where it is not possible to have a website with information open next to the same text document.To switch back and forth, and it will be annoying length.

The same applies around the use of a mouse or the lack thereof. It is only when we don’t have it, that you really notice how much you miss it. Quick selection of text, switch between Windows and right click is surprisingly hard to live without, if you ask me.

That being said, so it may actually be possible to switch the laptop out with an iPad and get a reasonable result. This review is written entirely without the help of a laptop-it is only the iPad. There are choices that have to be taken, because there is good reason not the same selection of programs that exist for the laptop. The screen size is also provided, but one trick is to use the iPad in portrait format for word processing, so don’t do it so much. Some will definitely think it’s a fine solution, others can not live without mouse and the full Football Manager or Call of Duty.

Great tablet

As I started off with, so you get a really good tablet in your hands, if it is an iPad Air 2. There is everything what you bargained for, and it plays well. There are imperfections as a slight vibrating device, when speakers running but it is not something that can move much during the final character.

It to use an iPad as a laptop, Air 2 is possible. Is it every day all day, then it is my commandment, that you will be sick of it, but a few days in the Conference for the work, so would I be able to skip a laptop over. Where the border lies, one must notice after in his own stomach.

The shortcomings which laptop should not, however, go beyond nature to iPad Air 2, which has been out for a while after the hand. Although not dewy anymore, so it still feels as if it is completely on par with the development, and it is a very high-quality electronics, which very quickly can feel out of date.

It is one of the reasons why I cannot be other than to give Apple iPad Air 2 full House-6 out of 6 stars.