Android, Nestle, The Fan Phenomenon and Leaks as Medium for The Promotion of The Nexus 5

The rumors and leaks they have become the bread of every day in the current technology. In fact, it is rare that a company should present a new device, and that has not been seen or known nothing previously. Has come to a point where even media leaks as evleaks have got sponsors.

Not fault, rather than present a new gadget appears information of all kinds. However, the Nexus 5 being scandalous, is no longer leaking, but a marketing campaign based on provocation (in a good way, a tease that would say the Anglo-Saxons) and, like it or not, It is running them.

That you speak of me, in small pills

This year we were going to have a new Nexus did, forgive me the expression, even in China. Google has set the strategy of have an annual device to serve as a reference for Android updates.

Four devices already and a fifth underway. Next to it, the first version of Android that has sponsored by a product on your behalf. When all pointed out that it would be Key Lime Pie, there were many more options with the letter k, an agreement that had been long behind the scenes was made public: Nestlé baptize Android 4.4.

And so it was, Kit Kat and not Key Lime Pie will be the next version of Android. Made this brief introduction, there is mention that the Nexus always generate much expectation: they are reference devices, powerful, which have welcomed regular updates and without delays or extras, often useless, which other manufacturers make.

In addition, with the launch of the Nexus 4 were added in addition two attractions: competitively priced not only with the rest of androids, but also against the models of other platforms. Moreover, its distribution (with a series of problems) through Google Play was to be more accessible.

With all this, it was understandable that the expectation of the Nexus 5 would be enormous, especially taking into account trends in the sector this year, dominated by Qualcomm and its 800 Snapdragon and five-inch Full HD screens.

Knowing that we were going to have a new Nexus, which also would come out in October. The rumours were appearing and warming the atmosphere. However, they were not specific drops but created pills that Nexus 5 and the name Kit Kat was present every day in media technology.

Google know that your audience are thus: which pirran us rumors, leaks, the small details, discuss each crumb over and over again. Search failures, elaborate theories about the possible launch.

It has been so. Each filtration, every detail, every photo was scanned as if it were a gymkhana that will lead us to another track: some new function date of launch, technical specifications,…

Google and Nestle have succeeded: have made that their brands are the specialized daily media news. It is true that some things cannot be attributed to them, it is difficult to verify it, but another: as the alleged time alluding to a song of the eighties, the duration of the track and its release date. Anyway.

Is it a good campaign?

What did Google and Nestle is a good example of How can get to speak it constantly. Would like to many marketing directors to replicate their success in their respective sectors and the truth is that getting all these mentions is not simple.

Now, the question is: is it a good campaign? They have to talk about them much further. However, it has been known all about the Nexus 5. What remains to know that we know already? Sure there are small details, but the main thing is known largely.

This ultimately creates the presentation make more in one verification of information and in turn, surely Pichai, presenter to announce what we all want to know: at what time we have to be on Google Play for before anyone else click the purchase button to get Nexus 5.

Personally, I like the presentations with chicha, which will be revealing us things that we don’t know. Having all the information makes these events to be converted in mere official procedures.

All this is nothing new, many theorists have theorized about the phenomenon fan and how they behave with a product. Normally, they do always talking about products of the audiovisual industry but in this case his theories can be applied to technology.

Faithful people who follow every detail exhaustively. Hypothesis, hidden clues, discuss it within the Clique formed by these stalwarts seeking the last episode, the latest statements of their creators. Android users, we know when we will have the new Nexus 5. Well played, Google and Nestle.