Android M Developer Preview 3, These Are The Nine News of The Latest Android 6.0 after Version

6.0 Android Marshmallow is the new version of the operating system than Google, and although it won’t officially the first devices to within a few weeks accounts the newer Nexus can enjoy this new version with Android Developer M 3 Preview, the final preview to save changes, will be nearly identical to the final version.

The final version Android Developer M 3 Preview it comes with a few novelties with respect to previous versions of Android M Developer Preview 1 and M Developer Preview 2. At the moment I’ve only found 9 what’s new in AMDP3 they are the following:

New boot animation

We find the first novelty just upgrade to the new version. We see as Android M or 6.0 Android Marshmallow Opens a new boot animation, It is that we can see on the top of these lines.

New wallpapers

The second novelty is in its new wallpapers. In particular are 9 new wallpapers: 3 satellite view, polygonal drawings 3 and 3 of landscapes. You can view them and download them in the next post.

New animation in the application drawer

The third novelty is in the drawer of applications, in your rapid traverse. Now to measure we are moving between letters the icon of the application that starts with the selected letter will increase size. This will help us know from that application are applications with that letter.

Renewed the shortcut to Google Now

We found the fourth novelty when we go to access Google Now from your shortcut from the Home/Home button. Now will not have to do a long press and slide your finger did Google balloon, now only a long press is “Now on Tap”. A new transition animation will appear in which lines around the screen.

Administrator permissions

Fifth novelty is in the Administrator’s permissions. Now many applications We are asked for authorization to grant them access to certain permissions the first time that they will make use of them.

UI system configurator

The sixth novelty is in the UI system configurator, with which you can customize the status bar, the quick settings and access the mode show, now is hidden. To access this new option to customize the system we need to have activated development options and make a long press for more than 3 seconds on the icon settings quick adjustments bar.

To delete this option we have to do the same, we have to do a long press for more than 3 seconds on the icon settings in the Quick Settings toolbar.

Configure applications

Seventh novelty is settings in the advanced options of the applications section. There we can now say that applications can “Write about other applications” and “Modify system settings” in their respective sections.

Renovated widget which is are song?

The eighth novelty is in the renovated widget is what song?, which will identify songs through Google voice search.

Removed the landscape mode on the desktop

The ninth and latest novelty is that disappears the horizontal mode option on the desktop to mobile. It first appeared in the last version of Android M Developer Preview 2 has been eliminated in this latest version, but it is possible to return in the future after an update to the Google application.