Android M Could Include U.N.O. a Permissions Manager

Less than three weeks so you have place the Google I/o 2015 continue to appear leaks and rumors about the possible innovations that can bring the next version of our favorite operating system, now known by its codename of Android M.

If yesterday thanks to the agenda of the I/o knew next handsfree mode now thanks to Bloomberg we know that Google may finally include the long awaited Administrator permissions.

Thus, sources familiar with the matter, confirmed that Google is planning to confirm it give users more control over the permissions of applications, so it is the user who decides which private information can be accessed or not an application.

This idea is not new, already two years ago, with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean included a hidden permissions administrator intended only for developers and that it was removed in Android 4.4.2 so that normal users to stop using it, since if we rested permissions may cause applications to fail.

It seems Google could implement an administrator’s permissions similar to that released iOS in 2012 6. To run an application for the first time should go by accepting each of the permissions that is seeking us. We would then have an administrator’s permissions to configure, change or revoke privileges.

Shall not seek us to accept all permits, only those permissions that affect our privacy, such as permissions contacts, calendar, sms, calls, location, photos, camera or microphone.

Currently information must take it as a rumor, so better wait on 28 May to learn about some of the new features of the next version of Android to see if they have that day administrator permissions or we have to continue waiting for future versions.