Android Continues to Dominate The Market of Smartphones with More of Thousand Millions of Users

Google has started their I/O Google taking chest of the astronomical numbers that getting with all its services. According to Sundar Pichai, Android has already passed the barrier of one billion users, which means that eight out of ten people with smartphone have been betting for your operating system.

The good news are not limited only to Android, because other key services of the company like YouTube, Google Maps, search online and the Chrome browser they have also achieved the magic number 1 billion, and Gmail is only to a sigh of getting even with 900 million active users per month.

Although practically are infants, other projects such as Android Auto or Google Cardboard They also seem that they go in the right direction. The first by having the support of 35 manufacturers such as Hyundai, Ford and Audi cars, and the second because it has already achieved one million users. Android Wear for its part is also supported by 7 renowned manufacturers that also promise to give much war during this year.

Has stagnated Android?

If we make a memory, one can realize that already last year Google It also presumed to have achieved the billion active users on Android. Does it mean that is stagnating operating system? Because the truth is Yes but not.

Mathematics do not lie and the number of users with Android does not rise, something quite logical if we consider that it is difficult that the total number of phone users can continue indefinitely increasing globally. Therefore, in the absence of having peaks to rate it better, we could say that almost all Android users changing mobile just repeating.

And it is true that Android is not a perfect system, and that it still has a lot to grinding on the optimization of resources if you want to be at the height of some of the competition. But when it comes to the truth both users and manufacturers they are betting on the Green robot, and already we can find in the market up to a total of 4,000 different phone models.

Yet the monopolies are not good, and even having competition is good to continue to evolve, but with virtually all the market occupied by the operating system from Google, and Apple surely hogging nearly all other, it seems that other projects such as Windows Phone, Ubuntu and Firefox OS going to be very difficult to achieve a significant niche.