And-3 Yohji Yamamoto at the New York Spring/Summer Fashion Week

The press has described this collection of Y-3 as a reflection of the minimal and sporty aesthetics of Adidas in its 60th anniversary. Not be if it is true, but what if it is that that Yohji has adequate at present to us a very minimal collection and that it seeks to be something very ready-to-wear of today’s urban life day.

As always, all parts have the signature of Yamamoto with pleats in certain places, clothes with soft fall and very basic combinations. There are long black and several rays of different thickness. Even logos on their shirts as a basic part of any wardrobe. Is like this as sports collection and trendy at the same time could remove all parts that I like to dress without need to search more.

The designer is to open two stores in New York and I hope to soon choose to expand globally, we have no need to seek his collaborations with other firms to make us one of your designs, like those of sliding sleeves and skirts with patches that you are perfectly with brightly colored t-shirts. A mix between the most elegant taste of Paris and the comfortable and basic of American fashion.

The collection was dominated by black. Perfect to combine with the more intense tones that are seen as trend. Fréha Beja He opened the catwalk with pants that reminded me in the sash to the Samurai pants, but with a more typical of a striped shirt resort collection. For guys also showed a few perfectly urban pieces, from jackets in synthetic fabrics and shoes with three black lines on the instep, to casual clothing of two parts in perfect neutral colors for next spring.

The Red He made his appearance in a dress type long maxicamiseta striped fantasy for one Sunday. But the colors Blue and orange perfectly together gave the touch of color more striking to the catwalk. A model appeared with orange t-shirt and blue pants and reminded me of the protagonist of the Podium, a very retro look of the 70’s French tape.

And that same French flavor It was seen in type golfer caps combined with camiseros dresses with details of stains on the shoulders. Transparencies also made their appearance in a fun and very sportive way altogether with textures such as cotton.

Even showed that boys can wear dress tastefully in this sense of reminiscent of years 30’s that I caught some of his designs with hats with flowers as a gift and apparel with skirt at the hip. Even a bride can be sport in the world of Adidas. And by the way don’t forget to search the reinterpretation of the three lines in most of the os designs in black or white. Click TOPB2BWEBSITES for more.