Ana Locking Spring – Summer: Elegant Sinuosity

The collection for the next spring-summer 2013 of Ana Locking Gets the name of The Talk, in honor of a fictional conversations between Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy, that represented in the 1960s two opposites: sensuality against decency, instability, the sad face of the resistance and strength. So the collection is torn between that moderation and that daring point, in a difficult game of contrasts and balances. A sinuous, elegant, feminine collection with the transgressive point that the designer has always.

Pencil pants versus skirt

The pencil skirt It is the main protagonist of the collection. A skirt that brings out the best of the female curves and that shines with belted waist, blouses and large necklaces, rematando bass with a subtle steering wheel. A femininity with sobriety: Marilyn meets Jackie.

Less frequent than other times, but Ana also repeats tailored jackets and cropped pants high waist in this collection.

And extremely female they are dresses overlaid on two layers, transparencies and necklines at the back. The flyers they are light, giving this great sinuosity a garment without clogging, or be excessive. Any folk embers in the use of steering wheel.

The motifs and patterns that decorate the clothes come directly from the flora and fauna of the jungle, and among them, the animal print Ana getting clean all classicism and vulgarity so avant-garde based stamp it in color and fuzzy pindeladas.

The concession to the latest trends come from the hand of the tail hems and of the peplums.

Point and apart for add-ins

Everyone caught us attention big necklaces, made with resin and coral, and therefore extremely delicate and only used for the parade. At the moment, sorry to inform you, they are not for sale.

Have also been very commented the Roman sandals made with mountain, as well as belts and some necklaces ropes.


The night turns black and white, and becomes terribly sexy.

Finally, I’ll take a great sentence of the press release that denotes a great insight:

One of the things most difficult to perform in fashion is to think that the future lies in the interpretation of what has been done in the past and the second more difficult is to forget this past & #8221;.

Ana Locking He reinterprets silhouettes of last decades, but it makes them attractively modern. A round collection that achieves this complicated intermediate point between commerciality and artistic design.

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