Alvarno Spring-Summer: Plastics, Decibels and Sequin

The year’s most anticipated parade in Madrid, the of Alvarno, yesterday was a big surprise. At our capital in search of an opportunity and after a long career in Chanel, the Pamplona s Álvaro Castejón and Arnaud Maillard Paris are the real luxury of fashion in our country. No parade at IFEMA, are outside the circuit Mercedes Fashion Week and go for free. Yesterday was in the Museum Lazaro Galdiano in Madrid, in a beautiful garden, with an afternoon painted by Rembrandt for the occasion. At about 19: 30 in the afternoon, there came the high Madrid society. Everyone had a seat at the parade of the creators.

And the Alvarno they did not disappoint. They showed us a young, risky, collection of excessive, futuristic and, above all, modern shapes and textures. The theme of the parade “The Amazon of the future”, took them to a complicated, but well determined ground: that of the textures. The collection has been “spatial” and technology and is accompanied by a rush of nostalgia for the best collections of Paco Rabbanne with its metallic top and Courreges revolution with suites of plastic… (you can not hear me, but I’m sighing.) The Alvarno recovered the vinyl (in versions perfected by the r & d 21st century) and trimmed it with silks, cottons, and sequins. Amazon underground and femininity: ultimately, the future, such and how anticipated has come.

Alvaro and Arnaud play in another League. They have a vision of fashion that this country is not used. Is not that I don’t like “formerly known as Cibeles catwalk”: this year Well with one of the best designers that you had (and thank God again) this country has successful full. I will always give up the pattern and fabrics of Juanjo Oliva and it excites me the delicacy of Teresa Helbig, I think that in bath are the best, and that SITA Murt close to perfection making point or David Dolphin deserves a monument for their typography and is a genius… Duyos, Miguel Palacios and Ailanto, forever. Of course I like Spanish fashion. But in general, surprisingly little. Made outfits that reach the retina of the buyer.

In fashion, there must be an impasse. A debate. Crazy between the parade and the consumer. You have to have intermediate steps. Between the designer and the purchaser should be a struggle to adjust the rupture with the above. The Alvarno, made yesterday, advanced fashion. Fashion for modern people, with eye, eager to surprises, changes. Alvaro and Arnaud showed us that they are risky, interesting.

In addition these guys walk never alone (although they say evil tongues that do not “pandi” with other designers). To emphasize the collaboration with Laura Ponte, Creative Director of the jewelry brand Luby Lab that it has occupied for attachments and has always been a rare bird in this high society that has touched us to live and has a superior taste. Bracelets that with belts, “Amazon” in addition to the Amazon effect and give a touch underground and metal fittings with flowers to feminize evening dresses. Good tandem.

They have also worked with the architecture Vaillo Studio + Irigaray. They have collaborated in the realization of the vinyl tops with peplum. Some screen-printed, other plain and others with sequins (wonderful effect: drawing in the body of the models thanks to full transparency).

Fabulous looks Golden with vests or jackets of classic structures in a very underground styling and combined with black. Good falls, beautiful effects of brightness, light textures.

And my favorite: the dresses. Short or long silk and organza, light and semi-transparent, with lace or more rustic texture, superb cuts and precious movements. Again, you can see it in the pictures, the feeling of lightness and femininity beyond the skin of the models. I predict that we will see them in red carpet, awards and large stages of Spanish fashion. Go asking for quotation, stars from our small system.

Thank you Alvarno, thanks Arnaud and Alvaro for wanting to Madrid, to come to our small city (large in many things, but small in fashion) much-needed currency. Congratulations and good luck!