Alvarno Autumn/Winter: a Correct City Heights

The context conditions any parade, on the basis of the simple fact to desire to go to the end to see the designs on the catwalk with models. Alvarno they come out of this Spanish channel clinging to IFEMA as immovable fortin in a city in which too many buildings and open spaces in which to grow own compositions seeking the theatricality that so little work here.

The imposing Torre de Cristal in Madrid, at the end of the Paseo de la Castellana, right next to the La Paz Hospital, known as one of the four towers of Florentino Perez, President of the grupo ACS and Real Madrid C.F., was the place chosen to present the next collection autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 of Alvarno, especially in such skyscrapers 49 silver.

Designers Arnaud Maillard and Alvaro CASTEJÓN, to those who interviewed a few days ago, continued giving strides to the count for the first time with shoes Manolo Blahnik in a parade of a Spanish brand although this secure victory which was not celebrated in the same way by the models who marched ahead of a spectacular night-time view from the privileged plant Madrid. The vertiginous heels of Spanish designer in London peligraban ankles and models for moment seemed to be crossing the Jarama rather than a gateway. Ideal salon shoes in the eyes, with a very sharp, whether in black, gold, metallic or red but conditioned, of course, the parade.

Facing the coming winter Alvarno seeks insight into nearest to their possible public fashion. Note in the taste by the tradition of greats like Yves Saint Laurent in traditional sets white and black was present at the opening of his collection, all with generous grips XXL and straight cuts that turned into jackets in the main of these looks.

Correction of a collection is in the skins of Santiago Palace an output more showy and luxurious with great finishes in short coats that in my case I will never be able to understand how to transmit such feelings when in my case are the contrary. I prefer the idea in metallic coats of with multicolored sparkles and contrast cuffs. Design that also spread to the dresses, which keep the figures of the Sidebands of fashion styling of the female curves.

Small touches of color in a winter Alvarno where black becomes master of colors, leaving other more cheerful puffs in the lunge, with two exceptions in red passion in the form of dress, with one of them supplemented with gold belts designed by Ana Graciela, as in many of the designs that showed us, who also adorned the necks of the models in gold.

At the end of the parade, I found my favorite part of Alvarno (just as on the backs of the dresses, which I loved), where the firm became more festive and Brocade brought to collation to a mixture of Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana to put close to a parade whose dress star was unlike anything seen before : white, long, with chiffon top and a very sexy also established in previous designs opening.

Alvarno stepped ground in a beloved Madrid City 49 floor, following free and avoiding some more Visual than spectacular designs, which is also cast into failure but you can’t have everything at any given time. They are stages and as such, you have to wait to the next.

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