Altuzarra Spring-Summer: Growth towards the Public

Joseph Altuzarra He left at the end of their parade to receive the applause of the public congregate to see your new collection spring-summer 2013 presented at the New York fashion week. It was happy, smiled and was not for less, had again achieved a good success on the catwalk, and increasingly is gaining greater relevance between the media, the famous dear buyers and the public. His continues to be one of the names of fashion that maintains a potential ahead, backed by a mixture of styles accessible at the same time that with a daring touch.

To see where the designer born in Paris and with the CFDA from 2011 to the best emerging talent in womenswear under the arm is pulling it’s easy to see those Parallels by the school of Paul Smith, a Ralph Lauren less corseted. I see this collection of summer a “ problem ” to the domain of Proenza Schouler among the celebrities who seek to go a little “ different ” since this audience will be looking for the latest and it would be easy for you to find it here.

I was surprised to not find so clearly recognized patterns of Altuzarra, which had earned as a detail to distinguish him. Although neither exaggerate, which of these a lot, there are especially in skirts tube and pants, which keep the passion of the prints of these months, as well as certain taste by pajamas defined on Ehistorylib.

Altuzarra stops both tropical taste to look at at the end of the parade to the Arab culture with regard to the choice of plug-ins and cuts.

Between Middle gold in very sexy dresses, repeated tassels on either side bodies, jackets by releasing arms, while there is also time for the Aviator taste of some jackets which is what less convinces me of Altuzarra.

Now that footwear that seeks Altuzarra is everything less accessible with the knee in a new Roman I try to follow with more musketeer boots.

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