Along the Delta of Villa Paranacito

On this occasion I was invited by Carlos Stefanoni and his friend Omar, who have a beautiful traker at daycare Los Pinos in the entre of Villa Paranacito locality…

At 8 pm we were already sailing. The idea was to go to new places and not tracing the main channels as the Martinez, La ink, or Uruguay, not find response in other places obviously we would him a tour. Captain Omar gave him right by a channel or contained it in the Gps, the truth is that I was surprised by the exuberance of the vegetation, had never sailed out there, that places have… a beauty so close to Buenos Aires and total. Who does not know to go, is going to surprise according to BESTFISHINGESSENTIALS.

Well that channel whereby we sail was completed and it could not be a better place, it had all the earmarks of Supreme Taruchometro. Carefully approaching a coastline, attached us of a tree and stayed in the shade, a priceless luxury compared to the catches that I usually do. We set out to assemble the equipment, the echo-sounder there marked 3 meters… looked to all sides, they were many submerged sticks, trunks probes and observing well I realize account which in fact does not end there Brook, was blocked by several fallen trees and vegetation that was gathering there dragged by the latest floodwaters.

I looked at my box of lures and could not settle with that start, the type of scenario with many clubs gave would be put at risk many lures, I decided on a frog Gozio Soft trailada with a spoon since this would give me a recognition from where were the dangerous branches dipped then sort them when you put another lure. First tiro¨, attack and capture… as I assumed the place was a Taruchometro, many catches, as the tenth was already rather than subject so I decided to increase the fun and change to surface lure.

It was an explosion of joy in the water, beautiful attacks with this unique sound of JAWS, many from 9 until 11 pm and Doublets were several captures. Cute sizes, almost all medium, the good thing about this area is that had depth to emphasize a beautiful fight, thing does not go so… When one fishing them in 50 cm or in vegetation have to hurry it, here we drew it to wipe it and released all the power. After both in the same place the shafts began to space, was time to change place.

The truth that Tarariras fishing was more than by what they went to pick up some Lingotitos and if some Chafalotes, which they said were had in the area. We launched toward the mouth of the Mosquito, another beautiful and promising place that I was to lower the boat, there were many costa but enough. I opened the box of lures and I chose a Shiner king 90, they were not many casteadas and came a sudden braking, nailed snapshot and beautiful immediate jump, another jump and another more until it broke. The adrenaline that give these different is beautiful. Return to the cast, a couple of sets and another strong attack nailed, linda fight… I told her four jumps and went. Already going two-nil and my colleagues with the same fate.

Omar decided to put bait while I’m still casteando. Another beautiful attack, jump, fight comes more jumps, can already bring it to the coast… that joy when I boost nod, and it was. That beating were giving me, as long it was not receiving. I got to the triple checked to see if they were crooked and not, perfect and poked the cute. I kept insisting, you would change the deception but compared to my colleagues was that attacks had, it was not logical to remove it. Comes another attack riveted and jump, this was
“El Dorado” beautiful specimen, calculate you a 5kg, falls from the jump and shoots towards sticks… the prepoteo for the other side and exploits I shank half, I couldn’t believe it! Obviously you loose, with split shank, grab the multi hand to retrieve the lure and have another pique near the coast of a Manduva, of the anger or remove photo and my colleague returned to the water.

I I started to remove my muleto shank and follow in the task. Another release, attack, dunk, jump and this leave is finally out. Photo and water. There were a couple more, Omar bait sack a cute Tararira although he couldn’t with the different. We went out for a ride by the Uruguay and stopped at a nice place where Carlos take their gold. Not could give the Chafalotes but with fishing already more than made took the turn slowly, navigating, enjoying beautiful landscapes.

It is beautiful to see how much life you have the River, hopefully this opportunity take it and take care of yourself with many returns. It was also good to not have crossed with trammel nets or unattended, it doesn’t mean that there is no, but to explore fairly and not to see any, it is encouraging.