All The Rates of The Blackberry 9900 Bold with Vodafone

Vodafone is the first operator to take the cat from the BlackBerry Bold 9900 to water, and does so in exclusive for at least three months. The flagship of Research in Motion landed at Red stores the coming week to individuals, businesses and self-employed.

The grant of the Bold 9900 for our private customers can reach total Terminal gratuity, although this should be eligible for the rate ‘ @XL ’ 99.9 euros per month. If we do not want to pay so much can reduce the minutes to the 59.9 euros rate ‘ @L ’, with which the terminal goes by 79 euros.

These are the only two options of portability with contract. In both the signing of the conditions supposed to accept some draconian 24 months of permanence.

For freelancers and companies, done with the BlackBerry Bold 9900 require signing, on the one hand, the flat rate 24 hours data, which includes 1,000 minutes of calling to mobile company and 500 a national fixed by 49 euros per month. This fee must be added others 15 euros of Blackberry professional rate. The stay is 18 to 24 months and the price of the phone is to 44 euros for the self-employed to use this plan and 114 euros for companies.

Finally, the Bold 9900 also has been integrated in the points system for freelancers and companies. Companies can do with the terminal by 1,600 points and 282 euros. The self-employed have a similar level of demand, with 1,800 points and 266 EUR.