Alexander McQueen Accused of Copying Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

You know the wedding dress that Kate Middleton wore for his fairytale wedding? Behold, according to a British designer Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen, he copied his designs.

A stylist is suing the maison Alexander McQueen, because to create the wedding dress that the Duchess of Cambridge has worn for weddings would use his sketches and drawings.

Christine Kendall, a stylist for brides who lives in Hertfordshire, claims that the dress that Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen, has created for the wedding of Kate Middleton in 2011 takes advantage of some ideas that she had presented at palazzo 5 months before the wedding.

Despite how say Christine Kendall, namely that the Duchess has seen his sketches and sent a letter of thanks, a spokesman told The Sunday Times that Kate never saw the sketches.

The designer has started legal proceedings against Alexander McQueen at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (the Court for intellectual property) and his lawyer said: “it was initiated proceedings because our client is confident that his company’s concept has been unlawfully taken and copied. The procedure is not against the Duchess and there is no allegation of wrongdoing against the Palace.”

Alexander McQueen denies all charges and his spokesman said:

“We are really surprised by this statement by Christine Kendall. Already four years ago had been clear and had told her that her accusation against Sarah Burton did not make sense.”

Sarah Burton has never seen drawings or sketches by Christine Kendall and didn’t even know who she was Christine Kendall before they contacted us 13 months after the wedding of Kate Middleton.

“We don’t know why he pulled out again this story for years, but the accusations are simply ridiculous.”

I wonder how will this story began with a fairy tale wedding! See for how to choose a wedding dress.