After Half a Year Falling, Comes an October Hopeful for HTC

HTC of those companies that think that they are bleeding forever, but still alive and kicking in phones, taking things, so decent – but conservative – as the HTC One M9, or the most recent HTC One A9, that is accompanied by a campaign of pretty aggressive advertising with Apple.

It turns out that this month they should be happy with regard to the economy of the company, the Taiwanese have had a month of October with positive income, as many as 276,8 million U.S. dollars. Nothing in the preliminary information that has shared Digitimes is spoken about benefits.

Revenues are better than in September, but are still much worse than last year

The number hurt when compared with the same month of last year, up 43.2% lower, but it is much better than what had been happening in the last six months. Compared with the previous month, it is a figure a 25.92% higher.

Expectations are not declared for the months of November and December, but HTC is interesting with a phone like the HTC One A9, which has caused more interest than previous creations. The analyses are being positive, especially by its appearance, but the terminal still falling in the same problem as other family members of catalogue: high price.

A for Apple

Precisely in its beautiful appearance we have possible criticism, since many blame him its resemblance to the iPhone. Taking advantage of this issue the HTC marketing campaign pulls by attacking Apple, rather to its users, placing them as too faithful users, not to say another thing. There are kicking blocks: