A Look a The Agenda of Google I/O, What We Can Expect of The Event?

Google I/O is now just around the corner, the annual event in which Google will put all the meat on the spit and will present their new features this year, as a new Android M to companies that we talked about yesterday or talk “Your app, now available hands-free” through which we could know a mode hands-free applications.

But what else can we expect from the event of Google? ¿What hidden meaning can have the rest of conferences that will be happening during the days that lasts the I/o? There will a 2 Chromecast be? New wearables? Let’s take a look at the agenda and see what we can find us.

Keynote: A Conference of two and a half hours with Sundar Pichai as master of ceremonies. Here is where virtually all of the innovations will be presented for then go shelling them in the rest of the Conference. Any bets?

Notifications, Interruptions and Volumes: Coming Attractions: Android Lollipop has introduced a lot of new features to have greater control over notifications and their interruptions, But Google has continued to work to Polish this system. If the rumors of a new version of Android for the I/o are true, this could go one step further in this respect.

Your app, now available hands-free: A hands-free mode to control applications by voice, We have what you yesterday and we repeat it, this seems to be one of the great novelties to implement controls accessibility of Android, and everything, as they say in the talk tab just changes in the application code.

Google Cloud 3.0 Messaging: A new version of the messages in the Google cloud platform. This is one of the great unknowns, which do not give us any clue what could lift the sleeve. Ideas?

The Earth in real time: Google Earth continues to evolve, and after ten years seeing images in Google Maps satellite and Google Earth has reached the turn to take a new step with Skybox, a company bought by Google last year wants to revolutionize the world of images by satellite.

Designing games for Google Cast: The Chromecast is one of the most successful devices of Google in recent times, and already we have months listening to rumors about a hypothetical Chromecast 2. In the calendar of conferences, there are several that will treat about Google Cast, and all speak of new features like the multi-display support. We have Chromecast 2 around the corner?

Designing for virtual reality: The VR devices they will slowly hovering the duckling, and Google has all a talk to discuss these technologies and everything what you have learned in recent times. Are there new features also in this field?

A little badass. Beautiful. Tech and human. Love and work. ATAP: Optimization for speed, Dakar Rally, Le Mans, and Fast And Furious, are many things Google mentioned at this Conference whose objective is to show new wearables “that will make the socks from falling us” literally (although it is also a typical expression). We do not know well what can leave all this mixture of ideas, but cuidadín with the possible new wearables.

Material Design: There are many conferences relating to Material Design and its applications on the web, so it is almost certain that the design of Google guides will be news this year.