A Judge of The British Supreme Court Hints at HTC 2 One and Its Release Date

Judge Richard Arnold of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom just published a written due to a patent dispute with Nokia in which reference is made to HTC One Two / HTC 2 One, What will be next terminal company.

The lawyer of HTC did not contradict that information so that the information HTC 2 One release during the first quarter of 2014 It seems to be correct, we could be talking about the rumored terminal with codename HTC M8. Indicating that HTC launched a new ship logo a year before the arrival on the market of HTC One.

The next HTC M8 will be HTC One Two

Richard Arnold says that the new model could be launched in United Kingdom for February or March 2014, i.e. somewhat less than a year since HTC One was born in the British country.

Phone makers often save with zeal such information as the name of the device and in leaks usually appears the name in the same key, this will prevent customers to wait for “a new model” and lower sales of current models.

Infringe a patent of Nokia reveals HTC 2 One

A representative of HTC Taiwan reviewed has no knowledge of such a plan, however, the game made clear that Nokia had left clear evidence of a release in the first quarter of the also called HTC One Two. Due to the timing of HTC releases the judge’s decision was not to ban sales of HTC One. This was what Nokia was looking for since, apparently, HTC infringed one of its patents in various terminals.

The patent in question is related to a modulator to transmit data to Nokia He recorded in 1998, however, HTC said that this technology is used via an acquired another company, Qualcomm. The judge estimated that, even so, HTC has to pay license for it.

While HTC appeals the decision, and this is accepted, it is prohibited the importation of more terminals HTC One mini, HTC One Max and Windows Phone 8 X and 8S models, which could put an end to the terminals in United Kingdom stock and more when we are approaching the time of best-selling of the year.