A Duffle Coat for the Gentleman – Contemporary or Passé?

The younger ones among us will probably googled the “Duffle coat”-hence the definition: “The Dufflecoat is a three-tiered, single-breasted coat with hood and toggle closures made of horn or wood.” Do not worry: The toggle closures have nothing in common with compulsive jackets The function of the gag exclusively with regard to the special button type – that’s it.

Ultimately, it is a model that has managed to be acquired and sustained not only by Otto Normalverbraucher but also by well-known personalities. He has become a classic. “Out” to become is impossible for such, they continue independently of the modemer, even if so many competitors fill the shop windows in clothesbliss.com.

The Dufflecoat From The Revolution In The 19th Century To The Classic Today

As a classic the Dufflecoat has a small history – but with some question marks: Duffle is a Belgian city south of Antwerp. The cut was supposed to have been created in the style of “Pekesche”, a uniform jacket of the Polish army in the 19th century. In 1830 they established this in Prussia. In the course of the November uprising, she was probably a kind of dress code for student connections and expressed a message in this respect.

Influences also come from the “habit”-a still common clothing for Catholic monks. The Dufflecoat does not regard either the one nor the other as such. An association can no longer take place today.Interesting is also the similarity with typical jackets of the Eskimos, which is rather obvious but historically no evidence of influences seem found. In the Second World War the Dufflecoat found a weighty fan: Bernard Montgomery, a British officer, gave the Dufflecoat a nickname: the term “Monty” could not establish itself permanently.

Monty or Dufflecoat – as a timeless classic around the world, he is given a constant presence, even if he does not play the main role on major catwalks. Rather, there are countless variants, which were designed according to the original and retained the most important points. New materials, perhaps more trendy cuts and innovations in processing, are always part of the process. His advantage of timelessness is thus preserved to him in the classical version. Again, models can be compared and one can realize a bit the individual taste.

Differences: Originals And Related Models

Its three-position setting is a traditional feature of the duffle coat, but not a must. Jackets can also be found in the same style, which are not classics, but are also worn. Only the butt covers over there are countless offers, although otherwise everything remains the same. The cut is basically straight and slightly waisted.

However, three distinctive features for a duffle coat remain the same: the hood, large sewn-on pockets and its toggle closures. This also makes sense, because the large pockets create comfortably also with gloves a warm place for the hands and the hood keeps the head, ears and neck area protected from cold. In addition, a zipper means only one wearing part. If it does not work properly, the best jacket can not be used, unless you use a new one. So today rather illusory.

If, however, part of the toggle closure is removed, it is quickly sewn again. Easy handling on the closure is also guaranteed with the thickest gloves. With small buttons this would often be a thing of impossibility. One has thought of something as the Dufflecoat was developed. At that time a long life time for garments was a must – today you have to look for models that really make their purchase permanently worthwhile.

The heavy woolen also allow moisture to penetrate very slowly.With its purchase one is winterfit. The leisure area and informal events are covered during the day. However, caution is required for business appointments.

Colors, Physical Stress And Limitations When Wearing

In the colors, you can always look back on trends and your own taste. Natural colors and black-gray-white tones dominate naturally. Although there are also isolated Dufflecoats in poppigen colors, which however the classic effect completely overlay.

Hoods always emphasize the shoulders. Anyone who appreciates this effect, like more elegantly built men, does a good job of wearing such cuts. Whoever wants to wear a bear’s body in any case should, on the other hand, dispense with hoods. The heat effect is, however, certainly predominant in the leisure time on winter days, so this consideration is probably sufficient to get back to a garment when walking around the city. It depends on needs and priorities.

For casual and jeans wear, the duffle coat is worn in the wide range of jeans and corduroy trousers, chinos and its use in the working world is basically adequate. However, the higher you get the “floors” of a bank, for example, the more restricted the duffle coat should be taken to the office. Just as all kinds of leather or down jacketsand coats should also give way to the reserved coats in a subtle color, all casual forms are disdained.

Conclusion To The Dufflecoat

But that does not mean that the duffle coat can not come from the finest home and the prices can not even surpass the hippest designer jackets. The original Gloverall men’s dufflecoat from England costs today at least 600 euros and proves its sustainable stand also in the fine society. Even though it is geared towards leisure, the good old Monty still demonstrates a high level of style awareness.

But do not worry: high-quality alternatives in the smaller budgets also testify. The inherent timelessness and stable processing are the main focus in the consideration of the purchase decision in favor of a classic. Also the functionality on cold days is hardly to be surpassed. If you are not looking for a ridicule model from bad house, you will not experience any bad surprises and will permanently benefit from your purchase.

Especially the lack of trendy “Klimbim” many appreciate. The fur casts, which are heavily criticized, which are ethically dangerous, and which are almost inundated with the masses of chemical additives, can not reach the character of the duffle coat. The classic Monty comes without alteration and can only remain true in its original version of its well-known characteristic: the timelessness and superiority on cold days due to the immanent details.