A Cuddly Trend For Autumn: Feather Yarn

Our Head of Design Gyoengyver Nagy is always following the latest trends on the trail. Today, she gives you tips on how her sweaters and cardigans wear best in the fashionable “Feather Yarn” style:

Autumn comes and we expect the cold days with cuddly sweaters. The must have of the winter are quite sweaters or sweaters with the so-called “Feather Yarn”. This is a voluminous, hairy effect yarn in the knitting area.

Those who have not been to the hairy models last year should do so now, because they are warm, fluffy soft and super stylish. Since the “Feather Yarn” trend mostly comes in casual well-being forms such as Vokuhila styles or long forms, he is also suitable for every type of figure.

As a dressing gown, choose a smooth material, such as leather pants or plain jeans, without noticeable wash. Thus the contrast to the voluminous knit and the elaborate spring yarn is the best effect and your overall outfit does not overcharge. In general, more and casual forms are the focus of the shells.

If you are looking to shop in the stores or in the online shop, you will notice that both our ladies ‘and our kids’ collections, the sweaters with “Feather Yarn” are the key items of the winter. At our label Gina Benotti you will find a noble black and white striped sweater with the trendy spring yarn, which gives your black skirt or pants a whole new look. If you do not have simple black pants to combine in the closet, no problem! From the 12th of September we also have leggings with leather inserts in the assortment, which fit perfectly to the sweaters and sweaters. J

Our label Gina has the hairy effect yarn in autumnal tones and jaquards. If you want to create a sweet look, then combine the tops to a mini skirt.

One thing is certain: I will definitely expand my wardrobe with one or the other part from “Feather Yarn”. And so the fluffy garment remains cuddly throughout the winter season, I wash it only at 30 degrees in the gentlewash gear and in a laundry bag.

What do you think of the new, cuddly trend? Is that for you?

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