A Bru Loves Completing Looks with Denim Jacket!

Our it rocks with casual pieces used in more glam looks

The Bruna, of Santa Barbara D (SP), is 23 years old and a style that changes according to her humor. More boho in a few moments and Supergirlie in others, she rocks a lot! Owner of the blog Hi Biscuit, Bru likes to blend the looks with denim jacket, which is basic and has the power to make any visuals more detached.

How do you define your style?

I usually say I don’t have a definite style. I like to dress up in my mood and my day. There are days I’m basic with ‘ bitty shirt, jeans and tennis. The other day, I’m more classical. Seeing what makes me feel good!

What is indispensable in your look?

Definitely the denim jacket. I always use, even if it’s just to compose the look. I love!

Is there anything you’d never use?

One piece I never liked and I can’t use it’s saruel pants. I don’t feel good about her.

Where do you like to buy your clothes?

Renner and Forever 21.

Who’s your favorite it girl and why?

I’m madly in love by the looks of Kristina Scram! I really relate to her style, because she wears what she likes. There are days she’s superbasic, in others, betting on the Paet without thinking twice. I like that!

What are you doing in your spare time?

I take lessons from classical ballet and contemporary jazz, my second passion.

Favourite beauty products?

Illuminator, eyeliner and Blush! You can never miss!

Have you ever made any big changes in the visual or something that you consider very daring?

The boldest thing I’ve ever done is paint the hair of green water.

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