9 IOS and Android M, (In The Same Way) Juntos Pero No Revueltos

I like to see what makes competition from Android. I won not only for work, life writing, but also as a user of the platform. Yesterday I saw the Apple WWDC and although the keynote was unnecessarily long, those demos Apple Music were eternal, it served for the immediate future of their mobile platform, iOS.

Apart from the numbers, and their questionable points of view, presenting to blush to Android, it was nice to see how Apple tried to get to Google’s platform height with functions that we are already common. We are on the right track, in a path that is intelligent because soon we will discover the true wisdom that may have a mobile device.

Intelligence as a common denominator

Apple focused much of the presentation of iOS to speak of intelligence and performance, Interestingly two pillars in which Google emphasized with Android M. Two issues that do not understand of exclusives because both are addresses that any mobile operating system should aim at today.

Apple intelligence translates into a Siri vitaminized, capable of doing more deeds and also provide us contextual information. A kind of Google Now with a long way to go, at least compared to what we saw in both presentations. Becomes a more central place in our Mobile Assistant because he not only wants to organize our life, wants to predict our steps.

Intelligence is a Spotlight window to the left of the desktop. Same position as Google Now in the launcher for Google. Aside from the coincidence in design, is clear that both want to give value to this information curated and served according to our tastes, seeks to make more staff.

What will be better? It is still early to draw conclusions, but Google with Tap now aims to be a major step forward in the mobile experience. Furthermore, functions that were already on Android as a navigation point by point in its service maps or small system updates. That Yes, also on Android we can learn from what presented yesterday Apple.

Your notes application It will not end in the undesirable apps folder. Vitaminarla have been able to leave it like Google Keep. An important step forward for them and, hopefully, also serve the notebook connected to the Google cloud improve slightly.

Where most can learn is your new Wallet, formerly known as PassBook. Google still does not have a solution as well, and while it is true that air tickets well resolved them very with Google Now, I would like to see a virtual wallet to go where keeping cards loyalty, etc. To all that must be added to a more mature experience with mobile payments.

With the performance we should also take good note because with Lollipop Google promised improvements and finally it has not been so. With Android M have stressed this time Yes, especially related to the battery. Apple tends to keep its word and although it is possible to not go equally well in all your devices (note the passage of time also) there are probably substantial improvements in performance.

A doubt about Android with respect yesterday is the multi-window mode. Here we have seen it for many years but never natively. In Android M has come, even if hidden under a bunch of options. Who knows if in the final version there will be this option at the end, or not. At least have the consolation of multi user in tablets, they not (yet).

The near future of the mobile OS is fascinating

As a user of Android, and editor on a blog about the operating system, I was satisfied with what I saw. Apple has taken good note of what makes Google Android and has had no qualms about taking ideas to improve your iOS. Nothing happens, it is something mutual. Let us remember thatnDroid M will introduce mobile payments and API to read fingerprints, something that has been on the Apple platform since more than one year ago.

Leaving aside the bias, It is nice to see how both systems going in the same direction: that we are less slaves of the mobile and offer us that intelligence that it assumes him to the “smart” of smartphones. It is, still, most useful and where communication with the natural.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Apple could leave to presenting adoption of versions of system data. Android was born to be fragmented and perhaps, just perhaps, prefer to use that data and not to mention the large number of devices that exist with the Green Android. I guess that tell your Conference for developers who are seconds in your own home don’t like.