5 Must on Cape Verde

If you are lucky enough to travel to the Cape Verde archipelago, there are a number of activities that just have to be experienced. As Cape Verde can boast many relaxing and at the same time adventure-packed activities, here are five of the best tips for a perfect trip. Read about the five must-sees that you will not regret when you are on your way home again.

Look at the ship cemeteries

Along the divine coastline along the island of Boa Vista, a row of ships once sank long ago. They are also found elsewhere in Cape Verde. However, these have not been salvaged and if you want to combine a history lesson with the sea’s beautiful underwater life, you should go on a diving trip here. Several companies on the island organize trips out and a dive here can really provide an experience of a lifetime. However, watch out for underwater currents as the sea lives its own life.

Humpback whale safari

If you have not seen humpback whales up close before, there is a chance to do so now. Along the southwestern stretch of Boa Vista, they come inland to reproduce and then you can take the camera with you and follow on a boat trip that will be almost unforgettable. This time occurs between March and April and if you have the opportunity to take a holiday then this will certainly be a magical experience.

Buy crafts and ceramics

Both the larger and smaller villages have lots of locally produced handicrafts and ceramics and there is also a large amount of handmade jewelry and paraphernalia to buy at very cheap prices. The local goods are very high quality and worth purchasing. You will definitely not see these items at anyone’s home and they are significantly more innovative than the Swedish clothing or interior design chains. Sal Rei, Espargos, Praia and Santa Maria have wonderful crafts and also clothes and ornaments at wreck prices with wonderful color scales.

Listen to the folk music Morna

As some may already know, the famous morna music is Cape Verde’s pride, partly because CĂ©saria Evora performed it in the most beautiful way for several decades. The singer originally comes from Mindelo in the northern archipelago. She is by far Cape Verde’s greatest artist and her music still lives on today. In restaurants, bars and folk homes, the mothers’ complaining tones are heard flowing out of the speakers and what could be better than enjoying it with the national dish cachupa and the drink grogue?
Other forms of music to get acquainted with are funaná which is played on the western island of Santiago, batuque and the dance genre coladeira which you can move to on local hooks.

Rent a car

Surfing and beaches in all glory but you have not seen enough of Cape Verde if you do not rent a jeep. With one you can go basically anywhere and explore the inner parts of the islands which can be as fabulous as they can be scary. In the middle of Sal is a Mars-like, red desert where people usually go to ride a quad bike and on the other islands are green oases that are perfect for hiking, yoga sessions or bike rides. Buses are available but having a rental car makes one less limited and it is also cheap.

5 must on Cape Verde

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