10 of Street for the Week Celebrity and Looks Streetstylers

Among all the items that we have in our closet, the jeans they will always be one of our favorite and most repeated election during the week, whether to go to College, to work or take a walk in the street. They are very comfortable, never go out of style so choose and stick with everything 10 Street looks between famous y streetstylers that follow taking ideas.

The Cowboys have so many fashions and models as one can imagine, but at the end there is always some that are more than others. For this Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 in this selection we see some of these trends as Rachel Bilson, which shines with a few beautiful booties.

Looks of famous jeans Street

Among the models that follow season after season we see the straight jeans that Jennifer Aniston looks. Very common and quite bland, but with a jacket black denim comply its function, even if they cease to see better shoes I would like more.

A version of cowboys who has recovered this fall has been the of the wider. Jennifer Love Hewitt looks them in a dark finish, unmarked figure, with a more informal appearance and casual, perfect for street and go comfortable day journal. On this occasion, the shoe is hidden almost.

Along with the wider Cowboys have returned the jeans campaign. For now this trend is moderate, is not as strong as it was a few years ago where only saw the street these jeans. Now become to carry, little by little, a pair of jeans like that Mónica Cruz looks.

Meanwhile, other famous prefer to continue adapting the trend of low bending your style. Sarah Jessica Parker makes it with several turns, with a fold too coarse and quite high. Everything to wear nice Sandals to match the minicardigan of gray point wearing matching shoes.

Striking that all the Cowboys of the famous here seen have a finish as dark and even off-white.

The streetstylers choose their street jeans

Facing so little colorful of the celebrities we have recovery of the jeans more vintage with a high shot not recommended for all audiences due to the shape of the butt mark. In the case of Kennedy H This American Apparel model looks great, even with a high heels model Oxford and a blouse of the same style.

Look for something more current, we can follow in the footsteps of Filippa S. and choose a model very tight to the body, with a well measured worn out effect which is combined with some socks over pants and heel shoes. The idea is the least curious but not recommended, especially for top skins.

I prefer the Assembly which chooses Cookies (experiments). An air Bohemian that recalls the best Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Jeans from Cheap Monday very basic, with slight wear and certain high-waisted, but allow us to look smoothly booties.

But for look that is reserved for only a few fashionistas the of Ashley M. Fashion animal print carried to the extreme between the coat and booties. At the time of opting for a pair of jeans, we see how the the jeggings the resulting election.

To finish, EBBA Z. Let us look with airs male, playing with the white and black in a perfect way. Pure style.

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